Switzerland’s New Lucrative Opportunity for Web Developers Is Launched by Unicorn Group

Switzerland’s New Lucrative Opportunity for Web Developers Is Launched by Unicorn Group

Web developers in Switzerland are being presented with new and lucrative opportunities by Unicorn Group, a leading provider of multi-currency merchant services and online payment processing, which includes monthly percentage-based income opportunities for referrals.

Web developers worldwide gain from a long-standing partnership program run by Unicorn Group. Numerous web developers and fintech professionals have already benefited from this program; there are currently over 2.7 million web developers worldwide.

With industry-leading functionality, cross-border transaction processing, multi-currency payment processing, and an adaptable e-commerce platform that enables merchants to accept more payments internationally, Unicorn Group provides smarter payment processing services. Their products are well-known throughout the world for their compatibility and simplicity of integration with well-liked e-commerce platforms.

The e-commerce industry in Switzerland recorded revenue of more than 32.5 billion CHF in 2021. More than 6 million people live there, and 96.2% of them use the internet for shopping.

In Zürich alone, there are more than 100,000 registered software developers, and 57.3% of web developers in Switzerland are seeking new employment opportunities.

In an effort to welcome Swiss web developers, Unicorn Group is introducing a new program that offers a chance to make money with little extra effort. Unicorn Group is now providing Swiss fintech and e-commerce entrepreneurs with exclusive rates and splits.

“We’ve created new income opportunities for software and web developers and even IT professionals – full-stack, back-end, front-end, and data engineers,” a Unicorn Group representative stated. We have a ton to offer their customers, but we also have a ton to offer them—the individuals who create these amazing e-commerce websites. We are providing them with the chance to establish enduring connections with their clients and continue to make money long after the project is finished.

Web developers in Switzerland and overseas are invited to join Unicorn Group, check out what they have to offer, and take advantage of this new revenue stream to further their own development.

Regarding Unicorn Group:

The Unicorn Group offers cutting-edge payment processing solutions and fresh, creative payment technologies for international e-commerce. Business owners can safely accept payments from all over the world and manage their operations with our brand-new Financial Platform thanks to its PCI-compliant merchant services. With its ability to service almost any industry worldwide, Unicorn Group optimizes payments, resulting in a more connected payment solutions and a streamlined checkout process.


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