SUPA BOI not letting the great be enemy of the good

SUPA BOI not letting the great be enemy of the good

Anderson Regis also known as SUPA BOI is a Haitian American music artist and songwriter. Anderson Regis was born on the 1st of August 1985 in Haiti and moved to the USA in 2006. The brilliant artist had been a music enthusiast since age 12, he had been in the artistic flow of life. In his artistic way, he had always loved to paint and after he moved to the USA, he discovered his passion for music and had since then been improving to become one of the best artists to ever walked the earth. He is a Producer and Artist whose stories of his times enjoyed widespread success.

His early life background includes being a superb student in the classroom. Before he discovered his love for music, he had always enjoyed painting and drawing since he was a little child.

People who are passionate about creating music are always looking for ways to advance their education. There are many different ways to learn the trade depending on the instrument they are interested in, and many people have done so spontaneously without going to a class or school. SUPA BOI has a natural talent for writing. The vocalist simply expresses his artistic side, enabling the listeners to speculate on what is real and what is art.

Writing a great song requires the capacity to use one’s brain at the right time and to be aware of its peculiarities, according to professional carrier. To write good songs, you must engage in practice exercises; start slowly and then pick up the pace. The most important aspect of a SUPA BOI song may be considered its beat. He frequently employs artistically inspired rhythms.

His Projects: He recorded his debut song with a musician by the name of Top Adlerman, followed by songs with J-Beatz, Izolan, and so on. He made the decision to write a song with a G-unit youngster. He had the opportunity to air it on MTV. His album, Alo HMI (Hello Haitian Music Industry), which will have 10 tracks, is currently the focus of attention. One paired with Nickerson Prudhomme and the other with Arsonal Da Rebel, with two already out.

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