Summer Meals: Five Nutritious Meals to Consume During the Summer

Summer Meals: Five Nutritious Meals to Consume During the Summer

Summer Special Foods: It’s critical that you take extra precautions with your health in the summer since the intense heat, strong winds, and blistering sun can cause serious illness. Your goal throughout this season should be to maintain a constant supply of fluids in the body and an inwardly cool body temperature. Dehydration and heat stroke are generally quite dangerous conditions, so you should eat certain foods that might help you feel better during this hot weather.

Green Veggies

Green vegetables are thought to be healthy in every way, but they also have a significant impact in reducing heat. This prevents stomach heat and maintains the health of the digestive tract.


When buttermilk is made by combining curd with black salt, it gives you a cooling sensation after consumption, and it doesn’t upset your digestive system even if you eat greasy food.


Lemons contain a significant amount of vitamin C. It keeps us cool from the inside out in addition to shielding us from the heat. A day can contain multiple glasses of lemon water.


Eat more oranges throughout the summer since their high water content keeps us from becoming dehydrated. Its calcium, fiber, and vitamin C content are also beneficial to the health.

Coconut Water

Never drink soft drinks in the summer if the heat and sun are bothering you. Take some soft coconut water in its place. The body will receive an abundance of nutrients, and the chance of heat stroke will be diminished.

Sanchita Patil

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