Successful Story of Pulkit Trivedi An Affiliate marketing and Blogger

Successful Story of Pulkit Trivedi An Affiliate marketing and Blogger

Pulkit Trivedi is making his way into the big leagues. Pulkit is a Active Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. He was born and brought up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and since his childhood, he was very ambitious and wanted to become successful and make his name in this digital era. He had a strict discipline towards studies and he completed his MBA by gaining good skills and then went forward and pursued Philosophy. He also added the title Doctor by completing a Philosophy in Management.

Dr. Pulkit Trivedi had a passion for blogging and speaking and he took part actively in public speaking and mentoring sessions. We know that his statements made a deep impact as he was an elected Member of Gujarat University.

Dr. Pulkit Trivedi was from a normal background and everything that he did is a result of sheer dedication and hard work and his example can motivate anybody. He personally took inspiration from Russell Brunson who is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, and popular public speaker. Dr. Pulkit Trivedi loves what he is doing and he aims to become the best blogger and affiliate marketer. The constant activity of meeting deadlines, targets, mentoring, and coaching while learning new things motivates him and makes him keep going.

Today, he has expanded his business by mentoring young kids to find their passion and capitalize it effectively. Mr. Pulkit blogs regularly, not just for monetary gains but mainly to help the struggles solve their problems and know how to proceed.

Mr. Pulkit’s vision is to see himself as the top blogger and affiliate marketer by the end of this decade. He is working hard enough to make this dream of his into reality and we are sure of the fact that if he continues to grow at this rate, he will touch the heights of success. The only advice that his man of true honor has to give to the world is to be kind, humble and true to oneself.

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