Stressful moments on ‘American Idol’ set as judges targeted by strange pranks

Stressful moments on ‘American Idol’ set as judges targeted by strange pranks

On Sunday, during the final auditions for American Idol Season 20, everything went smoothly… until 27-year-old country singer Skyler Dixon tried to audition with Maren Morris’ “My Church” and was interrupted by Stagehand. PA had been harassing Judge Katy Perry all day with his actions – whistling loudly on the set’s grand piano, turning on his phone during the audition, grumbling loudly over snacks – and when the stage technician was munching on potatoes. The cheap bag, focusing on Skyler’s performance, came from Katie, Luke Bryan and Lionel Metakutis. So, Katie finally took matters into her own hands, ran to the unprofessional worker, and angrily confiscated his chip bag.

And that’s when things got weird.

Tensions escalated when a black-clad, masked man approached the judge’s desk and violently snatched his snack bag, while Luke shouted, “Chill!” Shouted. And Katie pulled out the culprit. A concerned Lionel then called for security. But before the security guards could intervene, Katie took the initiative again and tore off the stagehand’s hat, saying, “If you hadn’t intervened in the boys, I would have got rid of it!” Reveal at the end of the Scooby Doo episode.

And it was then that Luke realized that the problem was his wife, Caroline.

Caroline and Luke have a long history of years of college dating, of teasing each other (for example, “12 Days of Prankmas” is Bryans’ annual holiday tradition), and many of Luke’s pranks have been re-viralised by his wife. On social media. In 2020, while she was cycling on Caroline, Luke played a prank – the horn of her car hit her, causing her to fall – which some concerned fans even called “meaning”. “After all he’s done to me, he deserves it,” Caroline said with a sly smile as she plotted her latest revenge this week.

Luke was definitely a victim of Caroline’s move, thanks to Goofball Katie, who was really pissed off all the time. It turned out that Schiller was an actress, not a real auditioner. “You’re punk!” Called Lionel, who was not in the mood for comedy, and was caught up in Caroline and Katie’s elaborate actions.

Sneha Mali

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