Strengthen Your Core by Adopting These Simple Home Workout Exercises Suggested by Rinku Shah Through Fitness2Flash

Strengthen Your Core by Adopting These Simple Home Workout Exercises Suggested by Rinku Shah Through Fitness2Flash

You may have often heard people talking about exercises that strengthen the core. The core consists of muscles that act as a central link in a chain linking your upper and lower body. The origin of the motion can be anywhere, but it travels upwards and downwards through the chain of muscles in your body. A weak core impairs the functioning of your arms and legs and drains power from several moves you make. 

Therefore, having a strong core is very important in our daily life. Fitness2Flash is an expert fitness community in the field of core strengthening. With their several home work-out exercises, they have effectively helped many people, especially women across the world.

When the pandemic had brought the entire world to a halt, people realized the importance of having a strong core and health. In such times, Rinku Shah and her Fitness2Flash company proved to be a blessing. Rinku Shah is a well-known personality in the fitness industry. Though she works especially for women across the globe, she has always helped people of all genders. She is a certified professional in fitness training and sports nutrition. Through Fitness2Flash, she has suggested a few workout exercises that can be followed at home.


The plank is the mother of all core strengthening exercises. That is why Rinku advises performing planks daily. They not only develop your abs and obliques but also strengthen the core muscles inside your body to provide stability and power. Besides, they also reduce back pain and enhance balance and posture. To perform planks, Rinku suggests getting into the push-up form, with feet placed behind you and hands beneath your shoulders. Then, position your arms and legs, strain your core muscles and stiffen your body for the best time you can.

Side Planks

Side planks are the best way to get the curves right. All you need to do is go to one side from the plank position. Then, place yourself on your elbow and one foot. Keep your body straight and stiff all the while. Ensure that you strain your core while in this position. Switching sides and repeating the process is a must to avoid muscle imbalance.

Reverse Crunches

The standard stomach crunch is a fine exercise, however, with regards to abs and core strength, you’ll need to select moves that are significantly really testing. At the point when you can put out 50 crunches without an issue, it’s presumably an ideal opportunity for something new. The opposite crunch sneaks up suddenly for your lower abs and should be possible anyplace, whenever, very much like the standard crunch. Lay on your back with knees twisted in a crunch position. Spot your hands level on the ground close by and lift your pelvis, bringing your knees up toward your face, at that point back down once more. Draw in your lower abdominal muscle muscles to accomplish the work, not your back. Do this for a couple of sets of 12-20 reps.

Flutter Kicks

According to Rinku, the lower abs are somewhat of a problem for many people. If it is something that troubles you the most, flutter kicks are what Fitness2Flash would recommend you. Lay level on your back in the leg raise position, hands at your sides, or squeezed into the floor. Raise your legs together around 6 inches off the floor, at that point alternately lowering one and raising one a couple of inches in fast progression. It should appear as though you’re kicking the air, and it should give you a significant burn in your stomach area.

A strong core is one of the few goals that Rinku Shah and her Fitness2Flash fitness trainers aim for. Besides, they also provide useful information in the form of fitness programs, diet plans, and consultations. They provide fitness training along with mentorship and one-to-one interaction in the form of chats and video calls. Fitness2Flash is a  rising name in the fitness industry.

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