SteeleSeries uncovers the Arctis Nova Pro series gaming headset and the Sonar Audio Software Suite

SteeleSeries uncovers the Arctis Nova Pro series gaming headset and the Sonar Audio Software Suite

SteeleSeries divulged two or three new items this previous week with the Arctis Nova Pro Series gaming headset and the Sonar Audio Software Suite. First off, the headset is a top-to-bottom upgrade of their past model as they have improved the audio quality, some of the hardware inside, the padding for the headband, the comfort of the cups, better noise canceling functions, and a host of different options. Yet, they would have rather not simply created another headset as the group likewise uncovered the sound suite which will permit you to tweak your in-game sound as you see fit. The product is intended to work explicitly with their headsets so you can use the stuff in the most ideal ways feasible for anything you’re doing, including having presets for specific games in regions pros demanded a focus on.

The headset is at present going for between $250-350, contingent upon the style and system you want to use it for as these work for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The software is totally free, be that as it may, it’s just accessible on PC.

For over 20 years SteelSeries has been laser-focused on the gamer experience and lifestyle and the Arctis Nova Pro series comes completely stocked with state-of-the-art features that do exactly that. A first in gaming, the Multi-System Connect hub considers USB switching between various gadgets simultaneously. Gamers can flawlessly swap between a PC, PlayStation, Switch, or mobile device with the press of a button, and without having to swap cables. Since communication is key in gaming, the new AI-POWERED Noise Cancelling Microphone gives players crystal clear comms, while the Sonar Audio Suite silences all the background noise distractions from keyboards, computer fans, and much more. The ClearCast Gen2 mic gives players a true advantage through a similar bidirectional microphone design used by Formula 1 groups for crystal clear, natural sound with flawless noise cancellation.

For marathon gaming sessions, the new ComfortMAX System is intended to accommodate any size or shaped head, offering 4-points of adjustment. The system incorporates height-adjustable, rotating ear cups, a flexible tension band, pivoting hangers, and a premium PVD-coated steel band that guarantees long-term durability. Notwithstanding the presentation of ‘Almighty Audio’ and new features specifically intended for the Arctis Nova franchise and a gaming lifestyle, players can look over changed models in view of their favored style of play and platform of choice.

Created from the beginning, the Arctis Nova Pro series produces a new level of excellence for high fidelity audio, AI-powered voice clarity, and the entire day comfort with smooth Danish design aesthetics that consistently moves between an array of gaming platforms more than ever. To power the new Arctis Nova franchise, SteelSeries developed the Sonar Audio Software Suite, which acquaints the world with the 1st pro-grade parametric EQ for gamers. Specifically intended to turbocharge any headset for gaming and give a limitless ability to control sound across games, team chat, and the microphone, Sonar permits gamers to change each individual frequency and hear the sounds that make the biggest difference.

By combining these two entities (Arctis Nova Pro Headsets and the Sonar Audio Software Suite), the ultimate sound quality, clarity, and control meet up to re-raise the bar for gaming audio and redefine SteelSeries’ signature sound. The result is the incarnation of a new superpower for gamers, where they can lose themselves in the soundscape with 360° Spatial Audio, hear each critical step, reload, or enemy movement by taking control of every sonic element using Sonar’s EQ, and accomplish sound purity unlike any other gaming headset through the all-new High Fidelity speaker drivers engineered for the Arctis Nova franchise.

Raeesa Sayyad

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