Startup Agency Greedy Growth Launches Solutions Set To Revolutionise Marketing For Footballers

Startup Agency Greedy Growth Launches Solutions Set To Revolutionise Marketing For Footballers

Imagine this: you’re a young footballer playing for a professional club. You get up each day, and train for hours on end. Despite this, you get sucked into social media. It could be the negativity, or the constant support and positivity. Regardless, it distracts you from doing what you love – getting out there and actually playing and training for the game you enjoy.

Unfortunately, even if these footballers wanted someone to lend them a helping hand, they can’t, or at least not until now. Greedy Growth is one such social media agency that has made it their mission to help footballers spend their time better, by taking social media off their hands and offering fully managed solutions.

Founded by Laurence Moss, a British teenage entrepreneur, in 2018, Greedy Growth is a rising social media agency that is backed by a team of expert social media marketers, who are consistently on top of the latest social media trends and strategies. When they noticed the problem that footballers were experiencing, Greedy Growth wanted to become one of the first agencies to properly address it: and so that is exactly what they did.

So far, they’ve added numerous highly prolific footballers from the premier league to their roster, including rising star Joel Mumbongo from the club Burnley FC, and seek to continue to grow this roster throughout 2021. With no doubt, they’ll be making some serious moves in the future given the current success of this arm of their agency, which has only just launched at the start of the year.

Greedy Growth announced that this was just one of their moves within the social media industry this year, alongside their expansion into paid media management on the Facebook & Instagram platforms.

On their website, Greedy Growth has a blog that details their findings of the latest and greatest social media strategies that brands can implement right now, and also offer similar advice on their Instagram page.

With social media at the forefront of consumers’ attention right now, there is no more important time for footballers to ensure their social media presence is up to scratch, to welcome new fans and welcome back old fans alike, in order to nurture a greater social media presence.

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