‘Squid Game’ adapted as non-lethal reality series for Netflix

‘Squid Game’ adapted as non-lethal reality series for Netflix

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A reality show inspired by Netflix’s hit series “Squid Game” is coming to the streaming service, but promises far less dire consequences for contestants.

Players’ lives were at stake in a South Korean-made drama. With “Squid Game: The Challenge,” Netflix said on Tuesday, announcing the reality show, “The worst fate is going home empty-handed.”

The 10-episode contest will feature 456 players vying for a “life-changing bounty of $4.56 million,” Netflix said in a release. They will compete in games inspired by the drama series with new challenges aimed at decongesting the field.

“For this round, the front man is on the lookout for English-language speakers from any part of the world,” the release said, in reference to the play’s fatal game observer. The game show, which will be filmed in the UK, is recruiting contestants online.

The release date of the new show was not announced.

The original series pitted hundreds of players with financial woes against each other in a violent competition for a potentially multimillion-dollar prize. The losers were killed in the whole match.

The drama is considered the most popular by Netflix, clocking over 1.65 billion hours in the first 28 days after its September 2021 premiere. Netflix said it has been renewed for season two with series producer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk.

Sneha Mali

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