SpaceX is Making Good Progress Toward the Third Test Flight of Starship

SpaceX is Making Good Progress Toward the Third Test Flight of Starship

The possible third test flight of Starship by SpaceX is expected to occur in at least two days.

While they wait for the launch license from the Federal Aviation Administration, which might arrive at any time between now and the evening before launch, the business is still planning to launch on Thursday, March 14.

Teams proceeded to prepare Ship 28 and Booster 10 while SpaceX awaited the FAA’s launch license. This included installing the Flight Termination System on Ship 10 prior to its final stacking atop Booster 10.

In addition, teams took down all of the scaffolding that surrounded Booster 10, indicating that, barring any unforeseen technical problems, development on that portion of Booster 10 is finished.

Launch photographers and SpaceX enthusiasts are beginning to arrive at the launch site in South Texas, which is another indication that launch is getting closer.

A few Cybertrucks are even showing up for pictures with the enormous rocket. One fantastic example is the picture below, taken early in the morning by photographer John Kraus and including two Cybertrucks and Starship.

Recently, SpaceX disclosed a small modification to the mission’s launch profile. With IFT-3, SpaceX is aiming for another suborbital trajectory with a splash down just east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Previous efforts were planned for a splash down north of the Hawaiian Islands.

By employing the new trajectory, the business is able to fly over significantly fewer populated areas and increase public safety while doing space engine burns. Although SpaceX has not yet verified this, NASA has also stated that they could carry out a fuel transfer test by moving fuel from the header tank to the main fuel tank.

Sanchita Patil

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