Sonia Majeed, Singer And Musician, Who Has Taken The Industry By Storm

Sonia Majeed, Singer And Musician, Who Has Taken The Industry By Storm

The music industry is one such place that has given birth to innumerable talented beings, but only a few rare gems have gone ahead in making a unique niche for themselves, even amidst much competition. One name that tops the list of such musical talents is Sonia Majeed, a growing singer and musician, who has taken the industry by storm with her innate musical skills and talents and her effortless sound and voice that never fails to touch the right chords of listeners. This talented woman is today known as the Global Peace Ambassador, Global voice Ambassador and Global Goodwill Ambassador.

Her passion for music and her commitment to taking the industry to greater heights have earned her much recognition as the First Asian Female Singer to have sung UAE’s National anthem.The closer we look around ourselves, the more we realize how different industries and sectors have been on a constant rise ever since. Major credit must go to the many young and talented beings, who put in every possible effort in creating milestones in their respective niches and offering something new to people through their work

There is more than what meets the eye in case of Sonia Majeed. Apart from being the professional singer, musician, playback singer, artist, performer and Global Good Will Ambassador; she is also a philanthropist, Messenger of Humanity by UN, Country Director UAE for World Youth Forum #WYS, International Peace Award Winner, Brand Ambassador GOGO Jeans Spain, Supporting/ Volunteering the Cause #HEforShe Program of UN Women, Leader for Dubai Girl Up Club, Advocate the Girl Up Program by UN Women, She’s the First (STF) Action Network Member/Volunteer, Ambassador for Greenden, Advocate for The Global Goals, #NotATarget Ambassador for Humanity Program by UN, Ambassador for UAE for the Child Abuse Program by MyBodyIsMyBody, Advocate Member Of Christ Foundation for the Disabled.

Sonia Majeed is also the one, who launched the first Dubai Celebrity Mobile App for collecting ideas and getting it invested for supporting creative ideas, projects and motivating young Emiratis and many others to start their ventures in Dubai.

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