Silent Partners The Business of staying Healthy By New Frank

Silent Partners The Business of staying Healthy By New Frank

Understanding the body is the most fascinating living machinery that will ever exist, batteries not included. We see ourselves as the makers and controllers over our flesh. What if I told you there is another, which works alongside of you that’s invisible and smarter than the most accomplished person on Earth. What would you say?  No, it’s not God, but this person is your silent partner; it’s time you both met each other. Now open this door and walk through; what you see on the other side will change your life. Stay with me, it gets strangers from here on out. I want you to visualize yourself as a business with goals and dreams that you need to finish before your time is up on this Earth.

When you have a business, the first goal is to have a name.  So what’s your name?___ ok, that’s the name of your business. For example, in this lesson, we’ll name this business “body of Joe.” The company needs a motto; for argument’s sake, let’s say the motto is… (Live long and healthy without hurting others if possible.) Today your body is your business, and your silent partner loves you very much…Now close the door and leave your fears behind; you are ready to meet your boss!

The Boss: what does a boss do? Note: every business has one.  The boss handles the day-to-day functions inside and out of the body. So who is the boss? No, it’s not you…it’s your brain, which is the boss, and your silent partner. Your boss handles the insides, organs, blood, bones, outer skin, hair, eyes, ear, etc. You cannot be the boss unless you know how to speak the blood cells and organ language. Yea, I know, I missed that class on how to talk to blood cells and organs also, for now, let’s leave this job to the brain.  

Our problem is that our brain cannot communicate with us in real time, so it uses a primitive method, pain, and cold symptoms to teach us what not to do. The pain nerve sectors only serve the purpose of teaching. When you have to relieve yourself in the restroom, your own devices fall short to tell you when to go; therefore, the brain has preset pain sectors to make you feel uncomfortable enough to push you into finding a restroom. The business (your body) can function properly once again after it answers the boss’ sent pain alerts.

The boss sees the problems light years ahead. When you become sick, the boss (brain) knows the exact moment viruses enter the business (your body) and go to war for days and weeks without your contribution.  If the boss can’t conquer the enemy, it will send help through pain symptoms: running nose, coughs, headaches etc., once you receive the pain alerts, go quickly and collect the acquired medical solutions or advice and together, as a team, you and the boss both defeats a common foe, the business of living can now continue.  

Ninety nine percent of your business (your body) features are in preset modes such as: The flow and direction of blood cells, organs; bones growth, breathing, hair, eyes, taste buds, hearing and unique fingerprints, etc… while the business (your body) is being formed in the woman’s womb, the boss preset these functions in advance. You do not get a vote on this part of the business; these are factory settings built in just for you as a gift.

neither equal nor limited to the child’s abilities. The boss takes control from day one; its thinking is fully smart and self-aware of how to run the business (your body) inside and out. With grace, the boss shows respect and leaves a small open space for data to be entered and stored through different stages in life.  The boss gives you an endowment of taking away its presets for reading, writing, spelling, and speaking languages, the boss is already smart at birth, but it takes a backseat and allows you to learn your way through life.

The boss gives parents the choice to educate children in their mother’s tongue. The boss gives you the freedom to learn and grow into the best version of yourself. One of the narratives of turtles is watching them run for the oceans when it’s born; swimming is a “preset” instill at birth. Please note, you do not have to live that way; we can run to or away from the ocean, and you can create, fly, travel, and discover how to swim like the turtle on your own terms. The presets are off; don’t waste this gift of living.

The boss also gives you free will to build up or destroy the business (your body). If the boss sat down with the smartest people on this Earth, they would never comprehend how this feat is done without first acknowledging the Power Source, the “Person” that created your boss.   

The Employees: For the business to feel complete, it needs its employees to help with the business of living and staying healthy. Now understands that your employees can be good or bad. They come, do their jobs, and then they go home. It’s your job to choose them carefully before making a job offer. Your employees will work for the business about 16 hours a day. Who are your business employees?  Look away and take a guess. Sorry, it’s not you. The “foods” you eat are your employees.

Remember they come, do their jobs for a while, and like any other person, they leave. Your employees (foods) comes in solid or liquid form at most markets. Watch out for employees that are too sweet, salty, fatty, and oily etc…. When you have time, stand in front of a mirror or get a medical check; if you don’t like the results, fire some employees, they are hurting the business (your body). Don’t pass the blame to the employees; treat them in moderation and always do what’s best for the business. Listen, it’s your job to control the quality and quantity amounts needed each day.

The Supervisor: The Business needs a supervisor for operations to run smoothly and to motivate others by way of teaching life lessons. This person observes, gives advice, and cares about your wellbeing. Who is this person, don’t look in the mirror again; it’s not you. The Supervisor role goes to your (closest friends, family and medical providers or (FFM). They are the ones that see you in a different light. Hey, Joe, you need a shower, or you don’t look well. Joe, you may need a doctor.” They are not trying to “shame” Joe; the supervisors are trying to help Joe because his business is falling apart. Hey, reader, do you have supervisors (FFM) that you can trust in your current life position

Do you think you could be a good supervisor for someone’s business?  Finding good supervisors to help run your business, take the following precautions: Choosing supervisors (FFM) that has no problem giving helpful corrections to prune and grow your business. The word of caution: your business will not have a supervisor if you do not listen and make updated changes. If you cannot find one with standards, then read healthy books.

The Manager: Now every business needs a manager, someone to administer daily upkeep and cleanness to the body. The body comes into the world clean and we must keep it that way to ensure a longer life span. So, who is the manager? Look in the mirror; it’s you!  Wash, polish, groom, choose the employees. Your profession is to complete this task daily for the business.

Your business (your body) wants you to know that you are the most important person in the room at this moment. Bad employees (foods) may cause you some harm and setbacks to slow your success rate. A manager must learn to be strong and rule their business with absolute confidence by using all resources to aid in perceiving its goals. Managers are not all equal; some can eat this and that, and their business (their body) stays in shape.

This may be bad for your business; be careful whom you follow. Always test to see the effects that drugs, alcohol, food, soft drinks, and snacks will have on your business (your body.) Don’t ever give all your power and permission to another manager to manage your own business! If you feel abused by your employees (foods), do not take it anymore; see your supervisors (FFM) for help.  Hey, reader, think about your career and look at yourself in the mirror again. Can you honestly say you have been a good manager for your business?  Why not start today and make some changes in your life. 

Human Resources:  Every business has problems that happen for various reasons. How you deal with troubles will affect your business (your body), Supervisors (FFM), and Employees (Foods) choices daily.  Who is your HR department?  (The Brain, Mind, and Subconscious)(BMS) are all different but also work as one unit.

To solve problems short and long term, HR gives you the balance of knowing the difference between falling into laziness and taking it easy for rest. HR keeps your company from lying, eating when you’re not hungry and preventing others from taking advantage of your weakness. Your choice of spirituality is the battery that keeps the body moving, and HR can recommend positive supervisors that can help acquire healthy habits when the business is anguish by life traumas.

Learn methods of leisure, reading the Bible, Prayer, taking a break, talking to professionals and bedrest to recharge your HR department. Don’t be a person that always talks about your woes of the world; give your supervisors good news sometimes. Get up and walk away from gossip and supervisors telling you how far humanity has fallen… You will find yourself living in the HR department dealing with no-none-sense problems. If you allow this weak point to abound, it will birth a spirit of confusion and halt the business. When faced with negativity just say… “It’s bad for business.”

The currency: Last but not least, payday, who is the currency?  The currency is health and life itself. One of life’s secrets is giving more than receiving; every business should donate to charities practices. A final note of wisdom from New Frank….  “We are all guests on this planet for a little while, so be a good guest, and people won’t have to guess what “you did” for society.

Thank you for reading or listening to New Frank- Silent Partners 2021

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