Sikh aid is at forefront of India’s COVID relief

Sikh aid is at forefront of India’s COVID relief

The current COVID19 crisis has had a tumultuous effect on the country, where most people are rendered helpless as the situation with growing cases continues to worsen.

Amidst all of this, our only silver lining are the various individuals and organizations engaging in collective action, and helping people out to the best of their capacity. One of the major organizations doing this work is Sikh Aid.

This Odisha based organization has worked towards helping people during COVID19, especially during the second wave that has severely hit the country.

Founded by Raunak Singh in 2020, the organization currently conducts 12+ relief projects simultaneously, including the ones for COVID19.

They have worked round the clock arranging resources, supplying oxygen cylinders to the people in need, and organizing relief camps as well.
Here are some of the main activities that they have been involved in that are helping a lot of people.

Oxygen Cylinder Drives

Sikh Aid organized oxygen cylinder drives that operated 24/7 in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar that started around April 18. They have done almost 10 drives.

Other COVID Relief Activities

Even before the country was hit with the virus of this intensity, the people at Sikh aid had been working towards their initiative, COVID Relief and Rehabilitation support, where they were helping migrant workers and labourers with basic livelihood support and economic assistance.

Through their work, they helped 50 Sikligar and Vanjara Sikh Families in MP, along with distributing 3000+ ration packages distributed to underprivileged families. They also distributed 30,000+ food packets in all parts of Odisha.

Earlier, they were also involved in relief activities during the farmer’s protest along with aid for natural disasters like volcanic eruptions and the severe Kerala floods that occurred in 2018.

Despite all their initiatives and efforts, they are not able to fulfill the high demand they are facing amid the surge of cases. If you wish to donate, you can go to their website and help them access more resources, and reach more people through their initiative.

Derek Robins

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