Significance Of Mudras by Paramahamsa Vishwananda – Founder Bhakti Marga

Significance Of Mudras by Paramahamsa Vishwananda – Founder Bhakti Marga

Paramahamsa Vishwananda is the revolutionary guru of our time. He is beautifully unifying the devotional traditions of India and the ancient yogic traditions from Mahavatar Babaji his Guru and a 5000 year old Master.

Atma Kriya yoga was practiced by the ancient rishis and was lost in time. Mahavatar Babaji told Guruji to resurrect it and help people understand why they are here and their purpose of life. With both their grace, now thousands of people are benefitting from its transformative power to realise the supreme state of devotion and enhance their self being.

Atma Kriya Yoga is an incredible practice that helps the mind to calm down. It burns through our karma and in turn opens up our heart by helping us develop our own unique relationship with God.

Mudras are another set of tools that can be used in every day life to help us connect to the divine and transform ourselves.

Parmahamsa Vishwananda explains the significance of mudras, the five elements and the meaning.

Mudras :

They are very simple yet powerful yoga techniques. It is a great spiritual tool. They work with our own energy that we already have within us. They purify us and cultivate qualities that we need at the moment. Many of them correspond to certain dieties or mantras.

They truly nurture our relationship with God.
We are all trying to remove the dust that covers our light and allow the supreme power to shine through us.

The five elements :

Our bodies are made out of the five elements. Any type of discomfort or disease in the body is the result of imbalance between them. These elements are continously effected by our actions, thoughts and the environment.

Each one of our fingers corresponds to an element. Thus by performing these mudras we can pacify or stimulate them by bringing them into harmony and balance. This way we promote health in the body and help them turn into a strong supportive tool on the spiritual path.

Meaning :

Mudra means “gesture, mark or seal.” Another meaning of the word mudra has its roots in sanskrit. The word “Mudrave” which translates as to bring forth the inner light. In other words, mudra is a gesture which manifests the inner light. Some mudras incorporate the whole body but most of them are performed with their hands and fingers. That is why they are also known as “Yoga for hands.”

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