Shaping Visual Narratives: A Glimpse into the creative journey of Priyanshi Pareek

Shaping Visual Narratives: A Glimpse into the creative journey of Priyanshi Pareek

Priyanshi Pareek, a talented graphic and visual designer, has left an indelible mark on the design industry through her innovative and creative works. Hailing from India, Priyanshi’s journey to New York has been nothing short of remarkable, and her work experience has shaped her into the versatile designer she is today.

From a young age, Priyanshi had a deep-rooted passion for art and design. She always dreamed of pursuing a career in the creative field, and thus embarked on her journey to become a designer. Her love for graphic design, photography, and visual arts fueled her determination to excel in these spheres.

Priyanshi’s decision to move to New York was motivated by the city’s vibrant design culture and boundless opportunities. Her experiences in the Big Apple have played a crucial role in honing her skills and pushing her creative boundaries. The diverse and fast-paced lifestyle in New York has enabled her to grow as a designer and expand her horizons.

Priyanshi’s work experience is quite impressive, having collaborated with renowned brands and design agencies. During her time as a design intern at MullenLowe Ad Agency in India, she contributed to diverse projects, including designing catalogs, print ads, and videos for esteemed fashion and lifestyle brands. She also made significant contributions as a freelance volunteer illustrator at Almond Circle, working on various graphics illustrations and campaigns.

Her journey continued as a design intern at Kenneth Cole Production in New York, where she showcased her talent in T-shirt design work and assisted them on many projects, some in stores today, like the Kenneth Quote T-shirt, Pronoun T-shirt design for Pride Month etc. Moreover, her full-time role as a junior designer at Lippe Taylor Group allowed her to gain invaluable experience. Here she worked on wide range of project designing for brands like Johnson & Johnson Vision, Cetaphil, Botox, Jergens and many more.

Priyanshi’s commitment to using her design skills for social impact has been evident throughout her career. Particularly noteworthy is her freelance work, where she created illustrations for a small organization focused on sex-positive erotic stories of the LGBTQ+ community. Through her designs, she aimed to create awareness and celebrate diversity.

Priyanshi’s future plans revolve around continuous growth and exploration in the design industry. She aspires to work with leading brands that align with her values and allow her to make a meaningful impact. She finds inspiration in designers who fearlessly push boundaries and experiment with new ideas, constantly challenging the conventions of design.

Priyanshi Pareek’s journey from India to New York has shaped her into an exceptionally talented graphic and visual designer. Her diverse design experience and passion for creating social impact have made her a respected figure in the industry. As she continues to grow, Priyanshi’s multifaceted design skills and dedication to her craft will undoubtedly make India proud on the global design stage.

Derek Robins

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