Serving quality content with a smile goes a long way! – Rajul Raghuvanshi.

Serving quality content with a smile goes a long way! – Rajul Raghuvanshi.

           In the last decade, India underwent substantial developments in the modus operandi of budding innovators. As of today, people who know how to use resources wisely make fortunes during their lifespans. A fresh face, one of the continent’s brightest marketing magnates, Mr. Raghuvanshi, he came up with his own chore and is obviously holding it up very brilliantly. His company RRR Media Group is growing at a steady pace, and it is making a name for itself when it comes to social media.

 A few years ago, Mr. Raghuvanshi started feeling this urge to do something on his own. So, he decided to create his own venture called the RRR Media Group. His company deals in social media marketing and branding. They perform social media marketing for companies from all corners of the world with many international clients. What makes Rajul’s story, of overcoming difficulties to reach where he is today, more compelling is its authenticity. It was not by the mere luck but the sheer dedication of Mr. Raghuvanshi that got him this far. There was a time when it was all basic, but it wasn’t at all satisfying.  Mr. Raghuvanshi felt obliged to create a significant impact on the world. So, he started researching and took a substantial risk for his career by deciding to start his own venture instead of working nine to five. Rajul says, “In my case, the feeling of being one’s own boss is essential, for I feel the kick with it.” Mentoring is crucial because having a mentor goes a long way in making it in the field of digital marketing.

It is this quality of turning a solution into an innovation that differentiates a common man from an entrepreneur. And entrepreneurship seems to be the way to success in the present times. Mr. Raghuvanshi says, “I believe that my journey from being an entrepreneur to a businessman has only given me devotion and gratitude towards my life.” With his words of wisdom and fueled by his passion for his goal to create an impact, he truly is a gentleman. We wish Mr. Raghuvanshi all the best for his future endeavors.

Derek Robins

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