Services Offered By Lawyers Under Flat Fee Payment Option

No matter what kind of legal issue you are facing, you must contact a lawyer to assist you with it. Dealing with a lawsuit by yourself often does not prove fruitful since you would not have the relevant experience as an attorney would. `

While many lawyers charge an exuberant fee, some lawyers charge flat fees to reassure clients that they can get the best services at an affordable price. By opting for flat fee services, you only have to pay a specific amount for a specific task. There are no hidden fees, and you do not have to pay steep hourly rates or a retainer.

Not every legal service is covered under flat fees, but there are quite a few services one can get. A lawyer charging a flat fee will offer packages for the specific task and only charge a stipulated amount for the bundled task.

Here are some of the services a lawyer may offer when they charge flat fees.

  1. Initial divorce paperwork

The lawyer will draft the necessary paperwork to file for the divorce and serve the other party’s notice. This paperwork may contain a petition, summons, restraining order, property distribution, and a parenting plan.

While the paperwork is pretty straightforward, a lawyer might charge slightly more if the divorce involves children. On the other hand, a lawyer will also offer documents in response to a divorce case. So, if you have been served, the lawyer will draft the answer to the notice.

  1. Simple motion

If you need to file for a simple motion, you can seek the services of an attorney charging a flat fee for the documentation. The paperwork may contain the details about the motion, brief, and proposed order.

Moreover, such an attorney will also offer a response to the motion paperwork, including your reply and the proposed order.

  1. Document review

Many people often choose to represent themselves in court if the issue is minuscule. However, any court case requires a person to submit numerous documents, and they have to be submitted in the right format and order. If you don’t have any prior experience, you are more likely to make mistakes.

An attorney may offer document review as flat fee services wherein they would review and edit the documents before you file them.

Getting the documents reviewed by a lawyer reassures you and ensures everything is in order.

  1. Power of attorney

Power of attorney is a legalized document that gives a person to be legal in charge and act on behalf of the principal.

It is quite a straightforward process to execute their power. But, if there are any issues in the paperwork, it can bite you in the future. Any discrepancies in the paperwork may lead to adverse consequences.

So, seek the help of an attorney, and if they are offering this service at a flat rate, they will send a fully drafted document and be ready to execute the power of attorney.

These are some basic services an attorney might be able to offer you by charging a flat fee. If you are confused about how it works, you must contact them over the phone and seek a resolution for your queries.

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