Sanjay Bector to change Bollywood industry with his skill and Innovation

Sanjay Bector to change Bollywood industry with his skill and Innovation

Sanjay Bector shares his advice for people who wish to make it big in the films and sports field.

He is a modern-day entrepreneur who is very detail-oriented and doing extremely well for himself in niches like films, sports and entertainment.

No matter how much ever we speak about people, especially youngsters and their journeys and their hunger to make it through in their chosen industries, it always feels much more discussions are needed around them. This is because their struggles, failures, trials and errors also help people learn many things and gain inspiration from the successful journeys they carve for themselves. Sanjay’s journey of success has been one which has filled many aspiring entrepreneur’s hearts with more energy and enthusiasm to believe in their dreams and keep working hard, regardless of the hurdles on the path.

Imagine a young Indian man completely in love with films and cricket going ahead to create a successful career for himself in the same. This is the true story of Sanjay, now a resident of Atlanta, the US, but who confesses his soul to always be in India with Cricket and Bollywood. With venturing in film productions, education, sports and entertainment niches, Sanjay has written a unique success story for himself for the world to take inspiration from.

He shares his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide who wish to replicate success like him in the industry.

  • Stay true to yourself: It is essential for entrepreneurs to stay true to themselves by not focusing on what others expect out of them and not worrying about pleasing others. They must entirely focus on what they are and how they wish to go about in their endeavours in life, says Sanjay.
  • Be passionate: Falling in love and being passionate about something can make every journey a successful expedition, explains Sanjay. It was his passion for Cricket and Bollywood that helped him start his robust and the smartest film production company, rated as the best in the business for production services worldwide.
  • Don’t take no for an answer: To be a successful entrepreneur, individuals must have great persuasion skills to make things happen. They must never take no for an answer and stay focused on what they seek in business by making things happen the way they should.
  • Find smart solutions: Businesses can come with complex problems, but ace entrepreneurs are those who know how to find the key to those problems. Hence, they must keep learning each day, broaden their mindset and approaches and come up with smart solutions to business problems, explains Sanjay.

Sanjay says his mother has been his inspiration in life. He always wanted to make her feel proud, as living in Delhi & the US, films were the best medium to connect to India. His dream was to be with films and his production company turned this dream into a beautiful reality for him. His attention to detail and ability to work like a perfectionist has helped him stay unique from others in the industry.

Sanjay is all elated to announce the complete slate of films with a studio soon. They are also a part of GrandSlam T20 and Singapore T10, which are seen as big franchises in the next five years.

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