Samsung hints that the Galaxy S23 line can drop another freebie from the box

Samsung hints that the Galaxy S23 line can drop another freebie from the box

Samsung declared on thursday morning that it’ll be live-streaming its next massive event at MWC on february 27th. All of the action are often viewed because it happens from Samsung’s YouTube channel beginning at one pm ET|10 am platinum within the us. the corporate, that simply unveiled its new Galaxy S22 smartphone series last week, says that it’ll boast its connected devices and is “once once more redefining the long run of however we have a tendency to work and the way we have a tendency to learn.”

Samsung plans to stream its MWC event that specialize in however its devices area unit all connected

Based on a video that Samsung enclosed with its announcement, we’ll see however devices just like the Samsung Galaxy Watch four, Galaxy Z Fold four, the Galaxy Z Flip four, the Galaxy S22 immoderate, and therefore the Galaxy Tab S8 immoderate all work along.

We have some extra news to share, and if you are a Samsung fan you may not find it irresistible. Samsung, that now not includes charging bricks and earbuds within the box with its new smartphones may be pull one thing else out of that box before long.

A member of the Samsung Community (via wccftech) left a post (in Korean) showing the image of a Samsung official voice communication that the corporate can stop giving consumers of future Galaxy phones a free screen shielder. In fact, whereas most countries are becoming a screen shielder within the box with the Galaxy S22 series, in Sammy’s grounds (South Korea) the accent won’t be enclosed.

So maybe that Samsung will pull the screen shielder out of the boxes of future Galaxy phones. The question is, why? we will perceive phone makers attempting to avoid wasting cash by going away chargers out of the box (which additionally forces some customers to buy new ones). however screen protectors area unit hardly a chic item.

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