Saint Von Colucci’s Family Reveals His Biggest Dreams

Saint Von Colucci’s Family Reveals His Biggest Dreams

The family of the late Canadian actor Saint Von Colucci had a lot to say about the actor’s life at a fan meeting in Seoul, South Korea, last weekend. 

The family has shared old pictures of the actor and interesting stories and facts about the actor with fans at the meeting. 

According to the family, the actor was always “girlie” and “excentric” on his own way, and they saw him as “special” from a very early age. 

“There were multiple signs here and there that showed to us he was just not a regular kid… he was not normal”. Said his mom, Candice Boulevard. 

When asked about the actor’s dreams as a child, his dad Christovon Colombus shared an interesting story with the fans. According to Colombus, the actor dreamed of building a little altar at this own bedroom using the bones of the animals people used to haunt in the forest near his home.

“He was always very obsessed with the supernatural, but mostly, with having his own altar.” Said Colombus.

According to him, having his own altar would mean they would get to live together forever.

When asked why he wanted it so bad, the actor replied with a smirk and the words: “I don’t know… its cute i guess?”. Said Colucci. 

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