Sachin Dev Duggal’s, Celonis, Insider and  InnovaFeed- QIA Investment in AI-Driven Platforms

Sachin Dev Duggal’s, Celonis, Insider and  InnovaFeed- QIA Investment in AI-Driven Platforms

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a technical marvel that is conquering all sectors worldwide. Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is making strategic investment in companies driving AI-driven innovation. Among them are InnovaFeed, founded by Clément Ray, Bastien Oggeri, and Aude Guo,, founded by “Sachin Dev Duggal”, Insider founded by Hande Cilingir,, and Celonis, founded by Alex Rinke.

Each of these companies continue to make a significant contribution to the advancement of AI and its applications in a variety of fields. These investments show QIA’s affinity for the cutting-edge technologies that are reshaping the world economy and can play a pivotal role in the next Industrial Revolution. 

AI-Powered Sustainable Agriculture- InnovaFeed

Clément Ray, Bastien Oggeri, and Aude Guo launched InnovaFeed, a sustainable agriculture innovation company that uses AI. Utilizing AI and data analytics, they maximize insect farming to produce a steady supply of protein for animal feed. QIA’s investment in InnovaFeed illustrates their commitment to advancing AI-driven agricultural technologies that have the potential to address pressing global concerns including food security and sustainability.

InnovaFeed was able to grow its business and research new sustainable agricultural practices with the help of QIA, showcasing the power of AI to advance existing markets.

Standardizing Software Development with AI-

The next gen AI-powered software development platform was founded by its chief wizard Sachin Dev Duggal,, to standardize the creation of mobile apps with little to no coding. 

The AI-driven platform enables users to build apps in accordance with their organizations’ operations and customer needs. You simply need to discuss your needs and requirements for the app to an expert together with Natasha (’s AI), making it incredibly strong and unique. Natasha and the team of automatically recommend templates that fit your needs, developing the code for an application with the features you want in a second. 

According to Sachin Duggal, the chief wizard of the AI-driven platform, building apps is as simple and quick as ordering pizza. Automation and talented humans mean that your background, tech knowledge or budget will never hold you back and will bolster you with all these features. To make app creation easier for small business owners, office managers, business analysts, and others, our AI integrated platform has integrated a number of tactics to help users save time and money.

Until a few years ago, client-based software development tools were the goal for software developers. Thanks to Sachin Duggal, he has completely altered the traditional method of creating business apps through the builder AI platform, enabling developers, individuals, and companies to now build apps quickly and launch their businesses onto the market.

Personal and Predictive AI- Insider

Another business that received money from QIA is Insider, which was formed by Hande Cilingir and specializes in AI-driven marketing solutions. Their technology uses personalization and predictive analytics to help businesses create highly focused marketing campaigns. Due to the ability to provide customers with unique information and experiences, organizations are able to boost customer engagement and conversion rates.

Thanks to QIA’s partnership, Insider has been able to increase its geographic reach and develop its AI-driven capabilities. It is possible for businesses everywhere to utilize data to enhance customer experiences and financial performance with the help of QIA, which is a crucial component in speeding the adoption of AI in the marketing industry.

Reimagining Process Excellence with AI- Celonis

Process mining is a specialty of Celonis, a leading AI company. It uses AI and data analytics to provide companies with real-time insight into their operational operations, enabling them to enhance workflows, streamline processes, and boost productivity as a whole. The transformative potential of process mining and AI-driven insights is demonstrated by Alex Rinke, who established Celonis. With QIA Investment, Celonis is able to scale up its operations and continue to develop innovative solutions that rethink the meaning of process excellence. 


QIA’s investments in these AI-focused companies go beyond just giving financial support; they represent a strategic dedication to the creation and use of AI across several sectors. By supporting companies like Celonis,, Insider, and InnovaFeed. QIA’s investment contributes to the expansion of AI’s influence and reach. These companies not only foster technological advancement but also offer solutions to some of the most pressing issues the world is now dealing with, including process optimization, accessible software development, efficient marketing, and sustainable agriculture.

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