Rivian R1T 20% Off Preorder Offer Ends This Autumn

Rivian R1T 20% Off Preorder Offer Ends This Autumn

Original presale customers can get a significant discount on the R1T from Rivian. Customers have received a notification stating that the Rivian R1T is now available for 20% less than MSRP, or slightly under $56,000. The brand also intends to end preorder pricing this autumn, giving customers a crucial deadline.

The R1T Dual Motor Standard Pack is included in the package and may be bought for $55,920. That is 20% cheaper than the MSRP of $69,900, destination not included, as of right now. The lowest-priced Rivian R1T may appear to be a complete steal at $13,980 off MSRP. The starting price of a 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning XLT is $64,995, which helps put that into context.

The Rivian presale price voucher’s background stems from significant price increases the firm announced in March 2022. Our data show that costs increased by up to $12,000, initially affecting those who had already placed an order. Following negative feedback from customers, the presale adjustment was promptly reversed.

Although the 20% off MSRP may seem like a terrific deal, the preorder pricing will end on September 30, 2024, as part of the plan. That is to say, customers can now purchase their R1T or proceed to anything else using the time-limited preorder price voucher.

A Rivian representative confirmed the 20% reduction and also mentioned that special orders are no longer being processed. Rivian is closing its plant until late October in order to retool. Customers will have to select a car from the company’s current inventory in the interim. For some purchasers, this can be a deal-breaker.

The public can still save a lot of money on the R1T with Rivian. The R1T Standard Pack is available for lease for at $559 a month, as was revealed last month. More recently, a $699 monthly Quad Motor lease was offered for the SUV variant of the car, the R1S, which sharply undercuts the Tesla Model X.

Sanchita Patil

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