Riding his way to the top as a successful music producer and singer is Thenitishnagar.

Riding his way to the top as a successful music producer and singer is Thenitishnagar.

His song ‘Tanha’ has struck the right chord with the audiences as it is soulful to the core.

Some people have goals to reach the top and to achieve their goals push themselves to the extreme and attain a position that gets them fame and recognition. Their passion and sheer determination gets them to the highest levels, and only a few are able to attain such towering positions. The world of music is evolving at a fast pace and every year new artists emerge and conquer people’ hearts with their work which gets wide recognition. Today, every artist wants to come out with the best work and make the most out of their craft. They aim at making planned moves and are successful in appeal to a large audience base through their creativity and talent. Thenitishnagar is one such powerhouse of talent who with his unwavering passion for music has garnered a huge following within a short time of stepping into the music zone, which is undoubtedly an impressive feat.

He says that he was always drawn towards music since his early days and had a good understanding of music right from the initial days. All he needed was a bit of honing his skills to outperform others, which he did in due course of time, thanks to his passion and deep understanding of music. This young music producer / singer made it to the top within a short span of time after stepping in as a professional. Today, he has gained a humongous fan following from across the digital world that spans across countries’. When asked about how he feels about the early stardom he has achieved, he says, “I want to be known as the greatest singer and producer the world has ever seen, and I’m working hard towards achieving my goals.”

His song ‘Tanha’ has also made it to the top charts as the song depicts the deep saga of love and relationships and is meaningful, which makes it all the more endearing to the ears. Stay tuned for his latest music releases on Spotify.


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