Revealing Ancient Prophecies By Bridging Past and Present

When it comes to ancient texts and age-old prophecies, James Shafer’s IT’S TIME stands as a profound proof of the enduring wisdom enclosed within the books of Daniel and Revelation. Shafer’s work is a guiding light that invites readers on a thought-provoking journey. It breaks the transcending temporal boundaries to explore prophecies of yesteryears and their resonance in our contemporary world.

The Impact of Prophetic Narratives

At the core of this compelling volume lies an exploration of prophetic narratives carefully extracted from the scriptures of Daniel and Revelation. These texts, penned centuries ago, carry a weight that transcends time, offering poignant insights into the complexities of our modern existence. Amidst unfolding global events, these prophecies make us think about what they mean in our changing world. It helps us understand their importance in today’s world.

The World: Then and Now

Shafer’s meticulous narrative in IT’S TIME illuminates the prophetic texts with lucidity, allowing readers to navigate the nuanced parallels between ancient revelations and present-day occurrences. This volume isn’t merely a collection of scriptural references. The profound examination in IT’S TIME helps readers see connections between old prophecies and contemporary realities.

Start of A Thoughtful Journey

As readers go through the pages of IT’S TIME, they’re encouraged to initiate an introspective journey. Shafer skillfully bridges the temporal gap, prompting reflection upon the prophetic visions that echo across generations. It is an invitation to ponder the relevance of these prophecies amidst the complexities of our contemporary world.


Within the pages of IT’S TIME, readers find themselves at the crossroads of past insights and present-day upheavals, uncovering timeless wisdom and thought-provoking revelations. Shafer’s work resonates as a call to go deeper and contemplate the ancient prophecies and their profound impact on our lives today.

Learn and embrace the wisdom of the ages and the timeless relevance of ancient prophecies within IT’S TIME by James Shafer.

Derek Robins

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