Retirement Club NFT To Launch Their Highly Anticipated Degenerate Granny Club

Retirement Club NFT To Launch Their Highly Anticipated Degenerate Granny Club

The season 1 NFT collection of 6000 Party Grandpa by the Retirement club was sold like hotcakes. The Retirement Club is back with season 2 of a more exciting NFT collection called Degenerated Granny Retirement Club which includes 20 rare & honorary NFT representing the most influencing women of all time. Retirement Club has a dedicated team of veterans who are very passionate about delivering more than what they promise in their road map. Their season 1 was a major success, thanks to the community so here they are with another major hit, the Degenerated Granny Retirement Club.

The NFT space has been booming and many investors have turned their eyes to this hot sector. In recent times we have seen projects such as crypto punks and bored apes selling for millions of dollars. The season 1 collection of Party Grandpa saw huge return on investments with some NFTs reselling for as high as 5 ETH. The latest season 2 collection includes 20 rare NFTs representing the most influential women of all times having 180 hand designed traits. Retirement Club is popular for creating unique NFTs which is why their original 6,000 pieces were a massive success. Not to mention, it not only adds value to their whole collection as there will be more buyers wanting to get in this time round but also includes loads of other perks as well.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the season 2 launch is the metaverse integration that the team is building. Degenerate Granny Club NFTs will come to life by being integrated into an amazing virtual world! Retirement Club has taken part in the development of this virtual world in the metaverse where holders will have exclusive access living here with their NFTs. Aside from this, holders will have access to staking features allowing tokens to be earned daily which can be used for the purchase of exclusive goods!

Holding NFTs offers you exclusive lifetime membership of the Retirement Club where members will have access to monthly meet-ups around the world, exclusive events along monthly interests through our 60% royalty redistribution, the club also has crazy giveaways ongoing. Everyone involved will have the chance of winning major cash prizes up to $25,000 and scoring tickets to the most sought after sporting and music festivals in the world.

Usually, FOMO takes over after you miss out on an opportunity of buying a project having massive potential, but this time investors are given a second chance to get involved with the launch of season 2. The Degenerate Granny Retirement Club is sure to be an instant success after what the team has previously achieved. Be sure to join their discord and check out their website so you do not miss out on this opportunity to join one of the most anticipated NFT drops of the year.

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