Record Setting Real Estate Agent, Jimmy Lemieux, Looking to Continue Trend in 2022

Record Setting Real Estate Agent, Jimmy Lemieux, Looking to Continue Trend in 2022

For realtors who have been in the business for years, having a million-dollar year may
not sound like much of an accomplishment. However, when somebody reaches this
milestone early in their career, people stand up and take notice. Jimmy Lemieux
has been recognized for his incredible entrance into real estate from day one. In 2019,
he was the #1 salesperson at the Remax Crystal real estate office he worked out of. He
continued to keep up this pace, receiving the Diamond Club Award in 2021 for selling
over $1 million net commission in real estate.

After starting out at a local Remax Crystal office, Lemieux has moved on to become a
top real estate agent in Canada. He consistently ranks in the top 1% of Canadian realtors
and has an arsenal of marketing tricks that would make any experienced agent jealous.
He has earned a reputation for being attentive, efficient and effective in selling
residential and commercial real estate.

For those who have known Jimmy for years, this comes as no surprise. Prior to
becoming a real estate broker in Montreal, Jimmy operated his own event planning
business. His clients included Class A celebrities as well as many premier hockey players
in Canada. He took his skills and wide circle of contacts to the real estate world and
hasn’t looked back.

After running his own successful business, Lemieux decided he was ready for another
challenge. He decided to go to real estate school and earn his realtor’s license. Never
settling for mediocre, Jimmy came out guns blazing when he joined the world of real
estate. He sold over a million dollars in property in his first three years. Part of this is
due to his unique marketing and advertising skills. Also in large part to his wide social
circle and professional contacts. Lemieux knows how to find the perfect buyer for your
home and doesn’t hesitate to use the contacts he made while running his own business
to give his clients the best chance of selling their home quickly and for the best price.
Being a marketing specialist certainly helps Jimmy reach as many qualified potential
buyers as possible. While other Montreal real estate agents are holding weekend open
houses, Jimmy is using drones to take aerial pictures of your home so he can post them
on his social media pages. Instead of capturing a handful of potential buyers with an
open house, he reaches hundreds or thousands of people who are looking to buy a

If you’re looking for a real estate agent in Montreal who has a strong, winning image,
then Jimmy Lemieux is your man. If you’re tired of your current realtor putting you
off and doing the bare minimum, then you need an agent like Jimmy. He has what it
takes to get the right buyer in your home. An award-winning realtor like Lemieux can
mean the difference between selling your property for the full-asking price and
watching your home sit on the market for months with no action.

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