Realize your financial potential with FNT’s revolutionary ecosystem

Realize your financial potential with FNT’s revolutionary ecosystem

In the year 2021, the Global Unit Pay team embarked on a groundbreaking journey, driven by a vision to address challenges faced by crypto companies and users. Through keen observations of market dynamics and client needs, the team envisioned a revolutionary solution—a simple wallet that would serve as a miniature crypto bank in the pockets of individuals.

The objective was crystal clear: to empower users with the ability to effortlessly deposit and withdraw crypto, conduct uncomplicated exchanges without the intricacies of charts and order books, and provide features like staking, earnings, and crypto liquidation through globally accessible crypto cards.

At the core of FNT’s mission lies a commitment to revolutionizing the

management and growth of finances. Through a user-friendly interface, FNT offers a diverse range of functionalities, including earning interest on crypto holdings, utilizing crypto through gift and crypto cards, and engaging in immersive gaming experiences. FNT’s multifaceted platform empowers users to explore new avenues in finance with ease.

Ensuring the utmost security and privacy of its members, FNT has meticulously crafted a holistic financial ecosystem equipped with enhanced safety measures to safeguard customer funds.

Embark on this exhilarating journey with FNT as we tapping into the future of finance for all.

Virtual and Physical Crypto Cards: experience unparalleled control over your cryptocurrency funds with the FNT Crypto Card. Seamlessly convert digital assets to fiat currency and utilize the card at millions of global merchants. Our card, equipped with cutting-edge security features, guarantees the safeguarding of your funds while delivering a seamless spending experience.

FNT Mobile App for Google Play and App Store: anticipate the upcoming FNT App, providing secure access to our blockchain solutions. The app offers convenient entry to our holistic ecosystem, prioritizing fund protection and privacy. Stay tuned to be among the first to revolutionize your financial experience with FNT.

Community Expansion: elevate your daily life with FNT as your key to a better tomorrow. Join our community to unlock the full potential of fintech and blockchain technology. Our primary goal is to expand the community and user base by raising awareness about FNT. The Token Generation Event (TGE) and listing this spring will allocate funds from the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) towards marketing materials, generating a positive media buzz in anticipation of the token’s public release. FNT addresses challenges for both crypto novices and enthusiasts, simplifying onboarding for beginners and offering advanced features for seasoned users. The platform caters to a broad spectrum, ensuring accessibility and usability for all crypto users.

About project :

FNT stands as a pioneering force in the realm of financial innovation, drawing inspiration from everyday financial practices. By amalgamating elements of DeFi, CeFi, and Game-Fi, FNT introduces a groundbreaking concept that transcends conventional boundaries.

Building upon the rich legacy of financial innovation established by its parent company, Global Unit Pay, FNT epitomizes a seamless transition of banking services into the crypto sphere, complemented by additional features.

With over 3.5 years of experience, Global Unit Pay has been a trailblazer in providing blockchain-powered fintech solutions to businesses worldwide.







Company Details

Organization: FNT World
Contact Person: Tasya Fedotova
Country: Switzerland

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