Read on how Mr. Robb Quinn became successful by breaking the herd mentality

Read on how Mr. Robb Quinn became successful by breaking the herd mentality

Let’s talk about Mr. Robb Quinn’s journey towards forming a multi-million-dollar company by breaking the herd mentality.The company is named “The Sales Agency”. Most people find it very difficult to break the chain which has been set over the years.Afew people are able to do it and make it big in life. Out of such few people, there is Robb Quinn,who single handedly built his company from scratch by breaking the predefined notions of the Sales industry.

Robb Quinn was a college dropout, a person who was kicked off the corner of his old sales job, with an option to embark a new opportunity to venture on his own in the entrepreneurial world or to pick up a similar job. He thought the companies were conventional in following the outdated closing tactics or the “push sales” technique methods to “hard-close” the prospects.He believed modern AI technologies would be more beneficial for reforming the worlds’ effective communication. He supported his argument by instituting his now successful company called “The Sales Agency” in 2017.

After founding the company, he has helped tons of companies fix their quality lead flow, land higher quality and longer retainer clients by advancing coaching and consultation. He has helped revolutionize the world of sales. His company has always avoided outdated closing tactics and think out of the box to land lifetime value clients. The vision and individualistic mentality made him stand ‘apart’ from the crowd and not ‘part’ of the crowd. It takes a lot of courage and immense mental pressure on anyone pursuing his / her dreams and believe in themselves, which Mr. Robb did. His principles and guidelines have proved to be so precise and effective that even the top sales executives use his techniques. His recipe of success is to “look at every situation from different angles”, he reckons. His love with the process has led him to be as successful as he is currently. He quotes “fall in love with the process and the process will be good to you.” Mr. Robb Quinn is a true inspiration for a lot of aspirants, wanting to establish in the entrepreneurial world. 

We wish Mr. Robb all the best for his future endeavors and congratulate for his achievement. We hope that success shall follow you until the end of time.

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