Countless awards line the walls of Raksha Rathore’s home. Recently she honoured by International Pride Woman 2019, IPW – Ms Universe Creative Woman 2019-20, Rajasthan Women’s Achievement Award 2019, and was awarded a certificate by AIPPHS for their Awareness Program of COVID-19.
These are just a fraction of accolades that Raksha has achieved.
However, more than awards and certificates, Raksha has more art at her adobe. Beyond the four walls, her art has been welcomed at various international exhibitions all across the globe. The feathers on her cap include the likes of World Art Dubai, Parallax Art Fairs, London Art Exhibition, Indian Art Exhibition.

Raksha’s art -inspired by nature- has earned recognition and appreciation from her contemporaries and veterans alike. From childhood, she was fascinated by art and took to educating herself on the many different art styles of the world and different cultures. With passion and knowledge of art, Raksha Rathore has found her signature art style which she uses to depict the wonders of mother nature.

“Creativity and expression should not be stopped from flowing freely”, says Raksha who herself is not constricted in a box. Raksha rathore the self-taught artist, takes great pleasure in creating Original Artworks, Sculptures and unique crafts.Apart from being an artist and an art promoter, Raksha is also a successful international trade consultant. She started her career in the Foreign Trade profession. And holds a Masters in International Business. She consults many business units for thier export growth & development.

Raksha believes that an art is a meditation, everyone deserves to experience the serenity and peace brought by art. Raksha uses all her resources, to uplift the fine art and handicrafts of those who might be unable to reach a bigger platform due to their economic status or any disability.

Raksha has worked with countless NGOs to make art accessible, for artists and attendees alike. “People should get to showcase their art as well as get to watch others showcase theirs.”, are the words spoken by Raksha when asked about her philanthropist work.
Indigenous handmade crafts, Independent artists’ fine art, sculptures, all get a platform at when Raksha takes to exhibiting and promoting them.
“Art in life like an energy in vibes” “` Raksha Rathore

Derek Robins

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