Rakesh N Chinta, University of Michigan Alum & Harvard student is building the Netflix of data science education – Quadrant

Rakesh N Chinta, University of Michigan Alum & Harvard student is building the Netflix of data science education – Quadrant

Quadrant: The One-Stop-Shop for Data Science Education and Placement, Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Academia and Industry

Quadrant, a Michigan-based startup, is revolutionizing data science education by partnering with universities and their career centers to provide students with access to real-world opportunities. Quadrant’s specialized university training and placement program for selected fellows addresses the challenges faced by both recent graduates and employers in the field of data science.

Founded by Rakesh Naga Chinta, a product manager at Microsoft and a Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar with a remarkable track record in tech giants like Google, Uber, and SpaceX, Quadrant aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Chinta, a University of Michigan alumni and Harvard student,  has designed a comprehensive marketplace that offers graduate-level education in Data Science, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Risk Analysis, and more. With over 100 hours of live courses, hands-on learning, and practical projects, Quadrant caters to both students and working professionals.

Quadrant operates on a monthly subscription model, granting access to an extensive core library containing 100+ courses tailored for students and company professionals alike. This unique approach is designed to address the common struggle faced by university graduates in finding relevant job opportunities after graduation. Quadrant’s specialized training and placement program bridges this gap by connecting students to real-world opportunities.

Employers in the data science field often face challenges in finding qualified candidates for their roles. Quadrant’s end-to-end training for selected fellows ensures a pipeline of well-prepared candidates for employers, addressing the industry’s talent acquisition woes.

Currently seeking funding to finalize the development of its product, Quadrant plans to release a beta version, establish new offices, and hire exceptional talent. The initial funding will also be utilized to develop and launch the platform, as well as support marketing and business development efforts.

Quadrant’s innovative approach to data science education and placement has the potential to redefine the landscape for both students and employers. For more information, visit [Quadrant’s website] or follow Rakesh Naga Chinta on his LinkedIn.

Meta Title: Quadrant is like a Netflix for Data Science Students and Professionals

Company Details

Organization: Quadrant
Contact Person: Rakesh Chinta
Website: https://www.rakeshchinta.com
Email: rakesh@chinta.group
City: Novi
State: Michigan
Country: United States

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