Rainfredrick’s new Spanglish (Spanish English) song “Alessa” has been released on digital media platforms. He is influencing people’s lives with his music. He has traveled to more than twenty Latin American countries, and he is a fluent Spanish speaker. Rainfredrick debuted in March 2020 with his song “Put me on the Map”. His other tracks include “Sydney” and “Portia” which are also in Spanglish. His journey started from a small town of Nigeria, and now he is settled in Guadalajara, Mexico, and he is climbing the ladders of success day by day.

He is widely admired by his listeners and fellow singers, and he is thankful to all of them for their love and support. His listeners are of two different genres, English and Spanish speakers even though they do not understand the meaning of some lyrics, but they still complement him. Fans love his songs and memorize their lyrics and keep listening to it in their minds. He is of the Nigerian background, but now he is a Mexican, and his native language is Nigerian Pidgin. Some foreigners also listen to his music. Foreigners learn the words of the song by listening to the song repeatedly.

Monalisa Stephen has featured with Rainfredrick in Alessa. Monalisa Stephen is based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is an English speaker, but she also understands the importance of Spanish in the song. This song brings passion and life into depressed people’s lives. He has no label backing and that is why his success is really impressive.

Fredrick is a multi-talented person, he is a pop singer, actor, entrepreneur, producer, rapper and song writer. Whatever project he takes, he gives his 100% and he is completely honest with his work that is the reason behind his early success.

His soothing voice will comfort you when you come back home after an exhausting day at work. His songs are light in darkness for people who need motivation. Make sure to check out his song ALESSA and keep checking for his upcoming music albums.

Rainfredrick’s songs are widely listened by the audience. The beauty is in simplicity, we should always keep things as simple as possible. He learnt to speak Spanish fluently within two years while traveling through twenty different Latin American countries.

He sings songs for two kinds of audiences, Spanish and English listeners, and he sings in different genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and Latin pop. In a recent interview with Vanguard Magazine, he spoke openly about the response he has received from the audiences and thanked the audience for their love and support. He also answered some important and interesting questions and interesting points that his audience were eager to know.

You can contact Rainfredrick also known as Fredrick john by visiting @ https://fredrickjohn.com/contact/ and filling in the contact form. You can give a call @ +52 1 33 1427 2227 as well. For booking info you can directly mail @ rainfredrick@gmail.com, you can contact management for information @ info@fredrickjohn.com and for press contact you can mail @ shanie@fredrickjohn.com .

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