Rain Delay: Blue Jays at White Sox Time of start, updates, etc

Rain Delay: Blue Jays at White Sox Time of start, updates, etc

In the second game of this series, the Toronto Blue Jays will take on the Chicago White Sox. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s game-tying home run in the eighth inning gave Toronto a comeback victory in the first game.

The Sox couldn’t imagine anything better than to tie this series on this Wednesday night. Unfortunately, the weather in Chicago right now isn’t the best. Rain delays are officially in effect for the Sox.
It was set to start at 7:10 PM in the event that the weather conditions was great yet that won’t be the situation here. The scheduled starting pitcher is Lance Lynn, who will face Toronto’s Jose Barrios.

We are waiting to learn the outcome while the tarps are on the field. A start time for the game has not yet been announced by the White Sox. As more information about the approaching storms becomes available, that will undoubtedly occur.

Naturally, everyone desires to see them win this game. Even though the team isn’t very good, we still enjoy going to their daily baseball game.

The game will be made up on Thursday as a feature of a split doubleheader. The first game will start at 4:10 p.m. CT, and the second game will start 30 to 34 minutes after the first one, but no earlier than 7:30.

Rain delays the Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox

The White Sox, according to our knowledge, have the best grounds crew in Major League Baseball. We can only hope that they will be able to play some baseball despite this storm. Any Wednesday night would be better spent watching Toronto and Chicago.

News prior to the rain delay In Chicago, prior to the rain delay, we learned that Luis Robert Jr. was the seventh player announced for the home run derby.

He will participate alongside some of Major League Baseball’s best power hitters. The White Sox slugger, who is finally healthy (hopefully), is thrilled by this amazing news. We were aware that he possessed this kind of potential, but we had not yet seen it.


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