‘Primordial Odium’ by Sam Bertini

‘Primordial Odium’ by Sam Bertini

I hate you.

I hate that you can love, so blinded by it

That you devote your life to others.

So I fade the lights of those you love,

And leave you alone in the dark.

I hate your passion, so brilliant and powerful

That every day gives you something to look toward.

So I bind you with the manacles of monotony,

And leave you with nothing more to seek.

I hate that you are ambitious, so wildly optimistic

That you truly believe you can realize your dreams.

So I feed you failure until you can stomach no more,

And leave you devoid of the hunger you once had.

I hate your youth, so beautiful and pure

That old age is unfathomably distant.

So I take your years away from you,

And leave you wondering where they went.

Do you hate me?

Derek Robins

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