Porsche’s America Edition 911 is 70 years old

Porsche’s America Edition 911 is 70 years old

Porsche does a lot of good, but one area where the company does better than anyone else is: the special and memorable version of the car. Ladies and gentlemen, join your hands for the latest offer of the company, 2023 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet America Edition. That name may be verbal, but you only need to know the last two words: USA Edition.

That’s right, this is our own star-spangled version of the 992-generation Porsche 911. It commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Porsche 356 America Roadster, which debuted in 1952 – and by extension, the Roadster itself was built to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original 356, the 30th anniversary of the United States.

The US version comes in just one color: Azure Blue 356, the first 356 modern use of the original American blue. Those who have a closer look will see a white stripe on the side of the car with an even smaller red stripe in the center. Basically, they painted the Porsche red, white and blue. Appropriately.

Initially, the wheels appear a simple white. Take a closer look: they actually have three different finishes, which means making them pop and bringing them back to the 356’s silver wheels. Neato.

On top of that, the Cabrio is painted black around the windshield to give it a more attractive look – like the 356, the design deceives the eye by thinking that it is thin and beautiful.

Inside, the star-spangled figure continues. The interior has a black base color, but red, white and blue accents adorn all sorts. Well, technically it’s not white. The company told us that the color is really pebble gray, because white will stick more. It’s all about the subtleties that the US is known for.

On the back, the badge also has a bit of color. “911 Carrera” is written in white and “GTS” is written in Guards Red.

A little detail can be found throughout the interior – a white tachometer and red shift pattern and distorted stitching are just a few. Porsche says it wants US version buyers to keep in mind the new design aspects to enjoy their ownership and the car. Interestingly, the limited-edition run has no numbered badge indicating where your example is. However, the word “America” ​​is written in traditional Porsche letters on the central console

The years 1952, 1992 and 2022 are written on Dorsils to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the American Roadsters. And the ignition key matches the color of the car’s exterior.

Sneha Mali

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