Pooria Ghohroodi, A successful Entrepreneur of our generation

Pooria Ghohroodi, A successful Entrepreneur of our generation

Who is Pooria Ghohroodi?

Well, in short, he is an Iranian Entrepreneur born on May 16, 1983. He was raised in the Capital of Iran, Tehran city. He is an outstanding person in terms of morals. Pooria is also a fan of martial arts. This man has a black belt in martial arts. He started his entrepreneurial journey by establishing a POORIA car dealership at the heart of Los Angeles city in the California State of America. He also owns numerous online gaming websites. These websites are still operating fully, and you can check them out. In Iran, he is a well-known race champion who has a knack for exotic cars. He really has a specialty in finding exotic cars and is in the business of selling and purchasing them. Pooria Ghohroodi is a self-taught entrepreneur; he achieved his skills in leadership, teamwork, and organizing businesses by himself without the help of anyone. He went with these skills to the United States, then he built and maintained magnificent business relationships. One of the key elements of Pooria Ghohroodi’s success is choosing the right people for suitable jobs. He is cautious in selecting technicians who run his businesses. By doing this, now he can focus more on acquiring more significant achievements. That is something that you must have in mind. If you don’t choose the right people, then there will be downfalls and failures in your businesses. So, do as Pooria did, and you can focus better on more important achievements and grow your businesses.

Did Pooria Ghohroodi enter the dealership market without any previous knowledge?

No, it is entirely wrong that you enter a market without any knowledge about it. You will fail. This is definite. Pooria Ghohroodi did not start his dealership the moment he had arrived on the United States soil. He learned and acquired knowledge and necessary skills for this job. Plus, coming to America, he had the experience of running a lot of businesses. Then, after a few months, he started his own exotic POORIA car dealership in Los Angeles, and he did a pretty good job in doing so. Pooria is also a philanthropist. He helped many newcomers to America and paved the way for their business so that they can grow easier and don’t endure the problems he had when he went to America for the first time. I hope that this post was beneficial for you and shed some light on the activities of this great man.

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