PMTA Nightmares: “Pursuing our Heartland is no easy endeavor, but quality and integrity are key”

PMTA Nightmares: “Pursuing our Heartland is no easy endeavor, but quality and integrity are key”

The FDA announced that more than 200 manufacturers of synthetic nicotine products submitted over a million Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) before the May 14 deadline, Suorin being one of many legitimate companies to do so. As of July 14, the agency says it is illegal to market any of those products. Suorin has been one of the few well recognized brands strictly adhering to these guidelines.

A rider inserted in the federal omnibus spending bill passed by Congress in March granted the FDA new authority over all forms of nicotine, regardless of the source. The March 2022 law mandated immediate FDA regulatory actions, set out a deadline for PMTA submission for synthetic-based products (May 14), and granted a 60-day grace period (until July 13), during which products could remain on the market without authorization.

Mother company to Suorin USA, Heartland works LLC submitted a press release stating to all their consumers the seriousness of the matter, “In an industry where it has been unregulated to formulate dangerous compounds for mass consumption, we take pride in being one of the few companies with strict quality control guidelines and are adhering to all FDA regulations advised util approval of PMTA’s”.

Heartland Works LLC also offers a variety of other consumer products, for example: Dream 8 (Forest & Eden), Vapsi, and Suorin just to name a few. In turn, with so much uncertainty in the industry, we hope to be able to find out more about the future of some of these brands and their products in the market with such strict regulations underway.

Heartland Works LLC assures our team during this interview, there will be great success for brands and products that possess integrity and a high standard of quality. The qualities forementioned will ultimately lead to these brands hopefully obtaining all necessary licenses and clearances to continue to exist in todays saturated and unrelenting vaping and nicotine market.

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