Plan Assets Announcement: Official Expansion of Global Individual Investor Market in Europe, America, and Asia

Plan Assets Announcement: Official Expansion of Global Individual Investor Market in Europe, America, and Asia

On December 31, 2023, Plan Assets marked a significant milestone during a grand press conference led by CEO Jonah Fischer. The event saw the presence of key figures such as Evangeline, representative of Dietrich & Richter’s board, Wayne from BERENBERG & DZ BANK investment bank, Luke from NORTHERN TRUST trust bank, and Gene from the U.S.-based Kraken, collectively witnessing a pivotal moment for Plan Assets.

Jonah Fischer delivered a crucial address during the conference, officially declaring the commencement of the global individual investor market and expressing profound respect for the management team. He announced that Plan would open the global individual investor market in 2024, expanding its services beyond institutions.

Over the past few years, Plan has dedicated itself to providing outstanding digital asset custody services for global users, achieving remarkable success in the field through innovation and technological excellence. Jonah Fischer expressed gratitude to Chief Operating Officer Andreas Schafer, Chief Technology Officer Felix Schulz, and Chief Analyst Matteo Berger for their outstanding leadership contributions to the company’s success.

Ready to embrace the new year, Plan Assets is prepared to establish three major operational systems in Asia, America, and Europe in 2024, offering more convenient and efficient services to global users. Jonah Fischer announced the following key personnel appointments:

Mr. Sophia Fischer will serve as the Director of Operations for the European region.

Mr. Christopher Rodriguez will serve as the Director of Operations for the American region.

Mr. Jonathan Scott will serve as the Director of Operations for the Asian region.

With great excitement, Jonah Fischer announced that Plan Assets aims to establish 10,000 clubs across the Americas, Europe, and Asia within two years. Through deep collaboration with partners worldwide, Plan Assets will set up these clubs globally, providing high-quality personal investment services.

The Plan team aims to broaden and deepen its services, allowing more people to understand and enjoy the convenience and value brought by Plan custody. Plan Assets believes that achieving its goals is only a matter of time with the team’s efforts and global partners’ support.

In future developments, Plan Assets will continue to strengthen technological research and development, enhance service quality, and improve user experience. Additionally, Plan Assets will actively fulfill social responsibilities, contribute to the healthy development of the digital asset custody industry, and make a greater contribution to the global economy.

About Plan Assets:

Plan Assets is a Germany-based digital asset investment management company that has successfully applied the “Trident Strategy” model to the Bitcoin futures contract market. The company has established strategic alliances with U.S.-based Northern Trust Trust Bank, Kraken, and others. In 2022, it set up its global headquarters and obtained dual financial regulatory recognition from the U.S. MSB and NFA. With a win rate of 61.2% in nearly 60,000 trading tests, PLAN B KRYPTO ASSETS has gained the trust of international capital, including top global capitals such as Andreessen Horowitz, TechConnect Partners, Blockchain Capital, Digital Assets Capital, and InnovationVentures, creating sustained stable returns for multiple partner institutions.

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