Pixel 6 may utilize Google-made chip rather than Qualcomm processor

Pixel 6 may utilize Google-made chip rather than Qualcomm processor

Google will reportedly launch a custom cell phone chip this fall, apparently with the Pixel 6, as per another report. The organization has been supposed to exploring development of its own custom system on a chip (SoC), and this year may at long last be the point at which it debuts.

They wrote about Friday the Google-made chip, internally known as Whitechapel, will make a big appearance this year as the first of numerous custom SoCs bound for future Google gadgets. That includes cell phones like the Pixel 6 and Chromebooks — like Apple’s setup of iPhones, iPads, and Macs, which include custom chips.

Google is reportedly developing Whitechapel in a coordination with Samsung Semiconductor’s framework enormous scope incorporation (SLSI) division. That implies Google’s chip may share similitudes to Samsung’s Exynos, including programming parts, They said. Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently prodded that the organization would make “some deeper investments in hardware,” and Whitechapel could be it.

They guarantees it saw a document that affirmed Google’s forthcoming plans. “In the document, Whitechapel is used in connection with the codename ‘Slider’ — a reference we’ve also found in the Google Camera app,” they said. “From what we can piece together, we believe that Slider is a shared platform for the first Whitechapel SoC. Internally, Google refers to this chip as ‘GS101,’ with ‘GS’ potentially being short for “Google Silicon.”

As indicated by past reports, Google’s chip will have an octa-core ARM CPU with two Cortex-A78 + two Cortex-A76 + four Cortex-A55 cores. It’ll likewise have an off-the-shelf ARM Mali GPU, and be created on Samsung’s 5nm manufacturing process. In view of this, we expect Whitechapel will be an upper mid-range chip that can measure up to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 series.

The fundamental advantage of switching to custom silicon will be greater control over driver refreshes. Google will at this point don’t be dependent on Qualcomm for driver updates and would thus be able to update drivers to be viable with more up to date forms of Android for more. We may even see the new chips be upheld for 5 ages of Android OS refreshes contrasted with the current 3 ages of help that Pixel gadgets currently receive.

Google has built custom chips previously, working together with Intel in 2017 to build up the Pixel Visual Core for the Pixel 2. Talking about which, Google could incorporate the Pixel Visual Core into the SoC, perhaps empowering new camera capabilities in the upcoming Pixel 6. Making a custom SoC will probably likewise be less expensive to make and utilize contrasted with purchasing a chip from Qualcomm or Samsung.

Priyanka Patil

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