PB The Goat Merch- The Amazing Product Business By LeShawn Lewis

PB The Goat Merch- The Amazing Product Business By LeShawn Lewis

LeShawn Lewis, from his supporters on YouTube, was able to translate it into his business, PB The Goat Merch.

Some of the marketing strategies he takes from his business and YouTube:

You really are great at betting on yourself! How can you grow if he does not invest in his product? So much of his marketing comes from Instagram ads, Facebook ads, and advertising on YouTube!

Some of YouTube’s future plans (sharing, family channel, content and more):

His future YouTube programs will be launching a new channel (The Goat Drip Family). A great family his kids would love when he launched a YouTube channel that reflects our daily lifestyle around the world!

His future plans for the business and if there are new products along the way?

He recently made a big step one of his biggest HAIR BRUSHS (ℙ𝕓 Flawless Goat Brush) was a big step for me! His future business plans will be him continuing to create the world’s best hair products. He MUST continue to put pressure on his followers.

Switching from YouTube to becoming a full-fledged business man was very easy. He has been busy creating content and editing with Adobe premiere pro to keep his hands tied. It was just a matter of cutting the rope that was the hard part! Once you get used to the challenging task it is not so bad. His plans remain the same; creating the best hair products and pushing the rule. Poppy Blasted goes a long way in improving the hair community by providing high quality products from hair brushes (which he labels as one of his “biggest investments”) in oils, butter and more!

To join Poppy Blasted and PB The Goat Merch, go to:

Business page: https://instagram.com/pb_the_goat_merch

Personal page: https://instagram.com/pb_the_goat

YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/PoppyBlasted

Website: www.pbthegoatmerch.com

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