Paytm And Samsung Wallet Collaborate To Provide Movie And Travel Ticket Reservations In India

Paytm And Samsung Wallet Collaborate To Provide Movie And Travel Ticket Reservations In India

In India, Samsung and Paytm have partnered to provide ticketing services via the Samsung Wallet app. You can now book and store tickets for events, movies, buses, and flights directly from the Samsung Wallet app by default if you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Additionally, when making your first reservation with Samsung Wallet, you can receive alluring discounts.

Indian ticket booking services for Samsung Wallet

You may now store tickets, debit cards, credit cards, and important papers on your phone with the Samsung Wallet app. Nevertheless, the application is limited to Samsung Galaxy cellphones exclusively. The app’s previous features were restricted to card storage and tap-and-pay transactions.

The Samsung Wallet app will let you reserve tickets for a variety of services, such as trains, planes, and movie theaters, because of its partnership with Paytm. With the Samsung Wallet app, owners of Samsung Galaxy devices can now digitally reserve and store their tickets for events and travel.

In addition, you will be able to purchase Paytm Insider event tickets straight from the Samsung Wallet app. It still keeps you from paying bills or utilizing UPI, though.

Additionally, Samsung intends to introduce a referral program for its wallet app. You will receive a Rs. 100 Amazon Gift Voucher for each successful referral. Additionally, the business will soon provide first-ticket reservations discounts of up to Rs 1,150.

Samsung is now running a promotion on Tap and Pay payments whereby you use NFC on your smartphone to make any POS terminal transaction and receive an Amazon Gift Voucher worth Rs 250.

For users of Samsung Galaxy devices, the Samsung Wallet software makes data storage and payment easy. If you don’t own a Samsung smartphone, you can still utilize the Google Wallet app, which has comparable features.

Sanchita Patil

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