OWC’s modest Mac Pro wheels are still very expensive

OWC’s modest Mac Pro wheels are still very expensive

On the off chance that you recoiled from the $400 extra to design a Mac Pro with wheels (not to mention the $699 to purchase the kit sometime later), OWC is acting the hero.

The company is taking pre-orders (by means of MacRumors and The Verge) for a Rover Pro wheel pack that will ordinarily cost $250, and are accessible ahead of time for $199. You could set aside enough cash over the Apple answer for get an (modest) RAM or video card overhaul for the machine itself.

Critically, you don’t need to give up the Mac Pro’s default feet as you do with the official wheels. The Rover Pro kit connects to the feet with a “few hand twists,” OWC said. Also, did we notice there are incorporated wheel stops, so your top notch workstation won’t roll away all alone?

The Rover Pro wheels ought to show up in September. They’re as yet not an trivial buy, yet they’re impressively simpler to legitimize in case you’re despite everything cost-conscious (indeed, in any event, for a $5,999+ pinnacle) and need an approach to rapidly carry your Mac Pro around a film set or music studio.

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