Orton Gillingham Certification – Nurture The Rare Geniuses!

Orton Gillingham Certification – Nurture The Rare Geniuses!

According to a recent study, about 5-10% of Americans have a disorder called dyslexia. It is a rare learning disorder that categorizes difficulty in reading, having trouble spelling out words, and taking more time in understanding concepts.

Although the people affected by this disorder are hardworking and knowledgeable, they do require a certain level of push in their early stages of life to succeed in the future.

Orton Gillingham Certification is a tool used to help such individuals come out of the dark phase of their lives. Teachers and professionals can take up this opportunity to change the lives of these million unseen geniuses who can make a big difference in this world.

To know more about this golden opportunity and how you can make a difference in these children’s lives, read along!

What Is Orton Gillingham Certification?

With this certification, you gain an insight into dyslexia, accompanied by the right tools to cure this disorder through constructive teaching methods and making concepts seem practically more straightforward for these children to understand.

Teachers or instructors ensure they have a multisensory mode of instruction when it comes to teaching after they acquire this certification. This certification acts as a star badge accredited to their professional resume, allowing them to make a positive difference in a child’s life.

The Orton Gillingham Approach

This approach involves breaking down the words and spellings to make it easier for the child to understand, hence supporting him in his learning progress. This approach involves the following:

  • The multisensory mode of instruction helps connect different areas of the children’s brain that may require additional stimulation to process the language taught.
  • By using diverse teaching techniques (visual, kinesthetic, and auditory), a student with a learning disorder can start visualizing, writing, and listening to how a letter or word sounds, helping them learn better and recall while reading, writing, and spelling these words.
  • This approach focuses on all the brain’s senses, which shows students how to decode patterns in words on their own; all these things contribute to their literacy growth.

In short, this is a win-win situation for both the teachers and the students to add a unique perspective to learn something new that can contribute to their individual growth.

Why This Approach Works

How these methods ensure the numerous positive effects on students are explained below.

  1. This approach enables students to better connect with their mentors and teachers and helps develop healthy relationships.
  2. It helps teachers go one step forward with their teaching patterns and be involved enthusiastically to help the students understand in every possible manner.
  3. Such methods open a whole new horizon of understanding and reconnect various sensory organs to the brain to make them learn and read faster.

Summing Up

To cope with the current advancements, Orton Gillingham Certification is the best accreditation that an individual can acquire to help these geniuses realize their true potential. Hence, being well aware of these kids’ situation is a must in today’s world, where there is growing competition in any and every possible industry.

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