OnePlus smartwatch- is finally coming in 2021

OnePlus smartwatch- is finally coming in 2021

OnePlus will at long last be making a smartwatch in 2021, CEO Pete Lau has declared on Twitter, denoting the initial raid into wearable gadgets for the smartphone company. There’s very few subtleties yet on the impending gadget, including what smartwatch OS it’ll run, a cost, or even a firm release date — Lau just notes that it’ll be “released early next year.”

The possibility of an OnePlus smartwatch is definitely not another one; the company had supposedly planned a Wear OS (at that point actually called Android Wear) smartwatch a couple of years prior. OnePlus eventually nixed that item, however” “We had completed the design but we still decided to scrap it,” Lau said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. “We have to be focused.”

OnePlus has begun to stretch out past telephones lately, however: in addition to its very good quality cell phone setup every year, the company currently makes a variety of earphones, a spending line of Nord telephones, and even smart TVs.

The dispatch of an OnePlus smartwatch in 2021 — the first from the company — additionally comes hot closely following the arrival of the Oppo Watch recently, which was comparative the first-ever smartwatch that Oppo had made.

Given that there’s been no deficiency of likenesses in the past among Oppo and OnePlus items (the two companies share a owner, the massive conglomerate BBK Electronics), it’s conceivable that the forthcoming OnePlus watch may follow the current Oppo Watch.

Trupti Sutar

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