The world is developing rapidly, provoking changes in all spheres of life and business.SMM is sensitive to all changes and quickly adapts to new realities. Until recently, people wanted to see the perfect picture on Instagram, but today trends have turned towards naturalness and reality. Maxim Vlasov, producer and founder of the Agency 13 PR agency, talks about the future of SMM.

Variety of sites for promotion

Once SMM started developing, most brands rushed to promote across all social media platforms. And not everyone thought about the specifics of the audience at different sites, so they set up cross-posting and published the same posts everywhere. Now society is very sensitive to the difference in content and will not follow a business account on all social networks, especially if the information there is the same. In the future, all companies will focus on one social network, which will be chosen based on the target audience and objectives.

Focus on quality over quantity

Three posts a day and as many stories as possible. Previously, this plan would have been successful, but now it is a sure way to lose subscribers, and, therefore, customers. People are tired of a huge amount of unnecessary information, so in the future, in order to hook a potential client, you will need to especially try to produce content. It should be useful, informative, and interesting. People are ready to read long texts if they know they will not be bored. Also Stories. Watching 20 stories from a popular blogger is interesting, but 20 stories from a clothing boutique is not. Better to do 5, but high quality and useful.

Hashtags and geolocation

In the past, hashtags were a really effective promotion method. Users searched for the necessary information on them, including choosing companies in the service sector. Now hashtags are so littered with a huge number of publications that people have stopped using them for searches. In the future, hashtags will only be used to form account navigation. Also, it used to be popular when promoting, for example, a clothing showroom, to geolocate expensive restaurants in order to attract an audience. This technique is becoming obsolete and such marks not only do not promote promotion, but also look cheap and damage the brand’s reputation. It is worth putting a mark only if the shooting took place in this restaurant.

Interactive Wars

Business accounts are fighting for live followers and potential customers. Users cannot be attracted simply with beautiful content and interesting quotes. Now you need to try to win the viewer’s attention. Instagram values ​​interactive content. Story games and polls, comment interactions, and more. The more interesting the interactive content is, the more likely the user will stay on the page, subscribe and possibly make a purchase.

There is nowhere more native

Direct advertising is gradually disappearing from social media feeds. People are so tired of the fact that they constantly want to sell something that they stopped taking advertising “head-on”. Over the years, advertising on social media will become more and more native, imperceptibly woven into everyday content. Given the already ongoing debate about the ethics of native social media advertising, you will have to try hard when creating ads and choose between native content, which can cause negative reactions, and direct ads, which are creative and interesting in presentation, but may not be perceived by the audience.
Keep a close eye on the changes in the world of SMM in order to stay on the wave and not give way to competitors. Social networks change constantly and very quickly, it is important not only to have time to change, but to do it before anyone else.

Derek Robins

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