On Android and iPhone how to use Google Maps like Waze and Send Traffic Reports

On Android and iPhone how to use Google Maps like Waze and Send Traffic Reports

While this may sound rather abnormal for a few, Google possesses two diverse navigation apps, the two of which are accessible on Android, iPhone, Android Auto, and CarPlay.

They are Google Maps and Waze, and obviously, they have a large number of clients everywhere on the world.

In any case, their purpose is somewhat unique.

While Google Maps is first and foremost a navigation application likewise centered around exploration and different abilities that are consistently extended by Google, Waze is explicitly focused on traffic navigation, with an emphasis on network based reports making it conceivable to avoid traffic jams and alert drivers of risks like vehicles stopped on the road, fog, and potholes.

Then again, it is anything but a mystery that Google has attempted to unite the two, however before you ask, no, there are no designs to execute one of the two and simply center around the other. All things considered, the Mountain View-based company has carried a few abilities from Google Maps to Waze and the reverse way around, and one of them is uphold for incident reporting.

Google Maps as of now obtains a few reports from Waze and displays them along your route, and yet, it additionally permits clients to send their own personal reports at whatever point they’re driving.

The manner in which you can do this certainly isn’t as convenient as it is on Waze, however most likely, Google would refine this capacity in the long haul as it continues cleaning Google Maps.

Instructions to send a report on Google Maps

So at the present time, the first thing you need to do prior to presenting another report is to begin navigating. This is required on the grounds that except if you’re provided with driving directions, you can’t simply send a report – this is not the same as Waze, where you can likewise report jams, speed traps, and everything else without navigation arranged.

After navigation is set up in Google Maps, tap the bar at the lower part of the screen where you can see the ETA to your objective, the distance, and the leave catch to re-visitation of the standard view in the application.

You should now observe an Add a report button which when tapped lets you report seven unique things, namely crashes, mobile speed cameras, congestion, roadworks, lane closures, stalled vehicles, and objects on the road. Basically tapping one of them shows an affirmation dialog (which naturally disappears after about five seconds, ultimately sending the report without the requirement for additional info).

The means depicted here can be utilized for Google Maps on both Android gadgets and iPhones.

Google Maps continues getting an ever increasing number of updates, however the focus recently seems, by all accounts, to be on improving the involvement with different directions, for example, the social side of the application. Google has as of late overhauled the Explore tab with a feed-based methodology, subsequently showing updates for nearby aides and substance from verified publishers

Google Maps getting enormous updates

Meanwhile, the Mountain View-based search giant is additionally building up a devoted driving mode for Google Maps, and this one would substitute Android Auto for telephones, giving the application a totally new reason. Google Maps would in this way become a focal center on Android gadgets, furnishing clients with one-tap admittance to specific highlights, for example, calls, music applications, Google Assistant, and messaging.

All in all, the new driving mode in Google Maps would work basically like Android Auto for telephones, and the interface will be totally enhanced for the touch. Now, notwithstanding, the driving mode is as yet in the testing stage in the United States, and just clients on Android can check it out.

The driving mode doesn’t yet have an ETA with regards to when it could go live for all clients.

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