Olivia Molina Avellaneda: only the best is just good enough

Olivia Molina Avellaneda: only the best is just good enough

Date, Place; Argentinian born Olivia Molina Avellaneda (1989), known to the Latin American community as Felicitas in “Patito Feo” (The Ugly Duckling), has undergone a surgical intervention with one of the world’s best (and most expensive) plastic surgeons.

Who would have guessed that the actress, model, entrepreneur, and dog-lover would meet up with Dr. Chia Chi Kao to undergo the most advanced surgery there is? Dr. Kao is known to charge between $45.000 and 100.000 per intervention. And there are good reasons for that: The best medical service, in a spa-like, 5-star hospital, that uses the most advanced procedures, like localized pressure treatment (HBOT, used also for treating divers’ sickness) to advance and accelerate the healing, after a scar-free laparoscopic intervention. Dr. Kao is revolutionizing the beauty-industry single-handedly, specializing on facelifts, renown and celebrated even by Vogue! Born in Taiwan, he moved at age eleven to Seattle, Washington and is now a board-certified plastic surgeon, situated in Santa Monica, Ca.

Olivia had a ponytail lift, an intervention, that thanks to the patented procedure of the incredibly skilled Dr. Kao leaves her without any visible scars. After the intervention, she recovered in a clinic, comprising a whole building, including HBOT and IV therapy treatment offers, where each night would set you back about $2400. That procedure is a specialty of Dr. Kao, and a patented procedure, that requires a very high skillset and precision. Check it out: https://www.instagram.com/kaoplasticsurgery/

According to tax return reports Olivia’s net worth is over $5.000.000. Tracing her unusual career that is quite an accomplishment. Not many make it as an actress into a successful modeling career, and even less then can make a parallel shift to a successful entrepreneurship. After coming into touch with the world of fashion at her modeling engagements, she came into touch with the make-up and beauty industry and moved to a London to build up her own modeling company. She also works in the tourism sector with her company Blue Ocean Services and owns a Main Squeeze restaurant in Los Angeles, CA and a crypto managing and consulting company called Oceaz LLC.

Maybe the energy needed for such a development lies within her family. It might be natural, having grandfathers, who were presidents and de-facto presidents of Argentina. Maybe she draws her energy from her dog Chachi boi, a Yorkshire terrier who never leaves her side and travels everywhere she goes. He is a star on Instagram himself! Check it out: https://www.instagram.com/chachi.travel.dog/?igshid=1vp4ewyu5it36  

Who knows how she can handle that many things at once, but for sure she does it the right way. Already having worked up the ladder of success this far in such a short time, we wish her good luck in her many projects and are looking forward to finding out what she will be doing next!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/molina.oliviaa/

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