Obed Dominguez And His Inspiring Journey To The Top

Obed Dominguez And His Inspiring Journey To The Top

23-year-old Obed Dominguez currently leads Sunforce Solar, a firm that specializes in providing long-lasting solar solutions to the home market. He was born in Mexico and moved with his family to the United States when he was five.

An inexperienced but well-known serial entrepreneur shocked the business world by reaching the top of his field at a young age. His main goal is to give clients long-term solutions that allow them to save time and money while still feeling good in today’s competitive market. He puts out a lot of effort, is friendly every day, and doesn’t give up until the game is done. He’s dedicated to educating and encouraging others so they can be better people.

His Company’s Ethics

Sunforce Solar is a Chicago-based solar power business that provides technological solutions for solar energy and related fields. He’s been delivering several technical samples demonstrating his firm’s ability to tackle contemporary issues relating to solar energy and its thermal conversion. At age 5, he migrated from South America to the United States, where he has had the ambition of giving back to society since then. He also desires to help others improve themselves to be better versions of themselves. His entrepreneurial mentality has altered his perception of life as an entrepreneur.

They are considered to be one of the most ethical solar firms. They make this claim because all of their clients are extremely satisfied, and they have never had a complaint from a client who regrets switching to solar energy with them. In reality, he and his team have never left a customer’s house, lamenting that they did not do more for themselves and their family. They go to the client’s property, thinking they made the best decision in their lives. He has a kind, pleasant demeanor.

Obed’s enthusiasm for his work

He’s been working various odd jobs since starting his first year at college in 2018. He began by assisting customers at a call center, but he quickly recognized how terrible he was at it. . He was just not cut out for it, so he applied for a sales position at various solar companies. He was initially rejected by around three organizations, who didn’t feel he was qualified for the position, but he quickly realized that to succeed one day, he needed to be on the ball for a long time.

He has been in this business for long time, and it is this that sets him apart. He might have chosen to quit, but he did not. His enthusiasm distinguishes him from fellow workers in the renewable energy sector who may have spent their whole life working in factories or fields.

His temperament made him a crowd-pleaser, and his outgoing personality aided him in overcoming this difficult period of his life. He refused to be dominated by his circumstances. At this point, he resolved to keep battling until he reached the goal. The first firm with which he had been employed maintains a special place in his heart.

His Future plans

He’s been working on his first book for a long time and is ready to get it out there. Given his illustrious identity and reputation in such a short period, publishing his work is only a matter of time. He’ll be releasing NFTs with close friend and business partner Samuel Barazza in addition to this. He also wants to devote some energy before reaching 25 years old to establishing a platform for major charitable activities. His eagerness has had an impact on his coworkers at the office as well.

He’s always looking for new opportunities to develop his skills and knowledge. He knows there is still a lot to learn, and he is not afraid to admit it. His willingness to grow has inspired those around him, and it is one of the things that make him a great leader. Despite all his success, he remains down-to-earth and approachable. People feel comfortable talking to him, and he makes an effort to get to know everyone personally.

Website: www.sunforce.solar

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