Nour Khodr is Leading the Next Generation of Social Media Influencers

Nour Khodr is Leading the Next Generation of Social Media Influencers

Top Talent Management is an up and coming management company which recently started trending on TikTok after they created a new content house. Content houses have helped many influencers on TikTok collaborate with other content creators and grow their influence and following. 

Nour Khodr, the founder of Top Talent Management has seen this trend and created the new Top Talent House. With the hope of building a community that was very welcoming and allowed content creators to reach their full potential, Nour brought Anna Shumate, Eva Cudmore, Katie Pego, and Rachel Brockman out to Los Angeles to start the Top Talent House. 

With immediate success and millions of views on their first video, Top Talent House started trending and received amazing feedback from fans. Creators in the house praised Nour and Top Talent for the platform they provided the creators to not only collaborate with other creators but to be welcomed into an environment that was set up to make sure everyone succeeds. 

Although one of the original members of Top Talent House, Rachel Brockman, recently has left the house claiming allegations that Nour had created a house that was not a good environment to help her going forward with her career, the rest of the content creators in Top Talent House and Top Talent staff members have come forward defending Nour and the vision he has created to help content creators build their careers. 

After merging with another content house on TikTok, Nour sees Top Talent House and Top Talent management continuing to create a community of content creators to help each other succeed in whatever it is they hope to accomplish through the use of social media applications such as TikTok.

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