Nissan’s Upcoming Midsize SUV in 2025 More Information

Nissan’s Upcoming Midsize SUV in 2025 More Information

The partnership between Renault and Nissan intends to launch a number of new vehicles in the coming years, with four SUVs—two for each brand—already announced. It’s no secret that a completely new Duster based on the global model is being developed, and somewhere in India next year, its Nissan equivalent will also make an appearance.

The CMF-B architecture is being localized in India through significant investments made by the Franco-Japanese alliance, and it is expected to power both the new Duster and its Nissan brother. The 1.5L NA gasoline, the 1.3L HR13 turbocharged gasoline, and the 1.0L HR10 three-cylinder gasoline are expected to power them all.

Although there won’t be any diesel engines supplied, both manual and automatic transmissions will be accessible. According to reports, the Nissan midsize SUV has more sophisticated features and technologies than the Duster, and the 1.5L naturally aspirated petrol engine may only be available with the French version. Their respective seven-seater variants might employ the same tactic. Their anticipated launch year is 2026.

LED light bars and L-shaped daytime running lights are visible in the Nissan midsize SUV’s teaser photo. Both SUVs will be sold in India and delivered outside, however the latter may have a special focus on international markets. In the upcoming months, Nissan is anticipated to introduce the next generation X-Trail premium SUV, which will be propelled by a 1.5L turbocharged petrol engine. It will enter the nation through the CBU route.

    Sanchita Patil

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