New 2024 TVS iQube Variants Are Available in India and Start at Rs 94,999

New 2024 TVS iQube Variants Are Available in India and Start at Rs 94,999

With new base and top-spec models, TVS has increased the iQube’s product lineup in India. The entry-level model is said to have a range of 75 kilometers with a 2.2kWh battery. It has a 30-liter cargo area beneath the seats and a standard 950W charger. With a top speed of 75 km/h, the standard iQube weighs 115 kilograms. It is the most affordable model in the collection, costing Rs 94,999 (ex-showroom), and has a smaller battery pack.

A 5-inch TFT display with turn-by-turn navigation, distance to the empty reading, and vehicle crash and tow alert are just a few of the features available on the entry-level e-scooter. There are two color options available: Walnut Brown and Pearl White. A larger variant (previous base model) with a 3.4kWh battery comes next in the lineup. Continue reading to learn about the other new TVS iQube variations.

2024 TVs iQube: Additional Features

There are now two variants of the iQube ST available: 5.1kWh and 3.4kWh, which are the same as the iQube S. The cost of the latter is Rs 1.85 lakh, whereas the former is priced at Rs 1.55 lakh. Compared to the iQube ST 3.4kWh model, the ST 5.1 kWh variation offers a real-world range of up to 150 kilometers, or more than 50 kilometers. The ST 3.4kWh model charges from 0 to 80 in two hours and fifty minutes, whereas its higher-specified equivalent finishes the same operation in four hours and eighteen minutes. Notably, 950W is the maximum charge that may be used with either version.

The 5.1kWh and 3.4kWh models have maximum speeds of 82 km/h and 78 km/h, respectively. The iQube ST boasts a 7-inch color TFT touchscreen display, 32 liters of storage, TPMS, and linked functionality. Four color options are offered for the two versions: Coral Sand Satin, Titanium Gray Matte, Copper Bronze Matte, and Starlight Blue.

The aforementioned special prices are valid through June 30. Prior to July 15, 2022, customers who reserve the ST variants will receive an initial loyalty bonus of Rs 10,000.

Sanchita Patil

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